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Search Tricks how you find your desire search results

 Search Tricks how do you find your desired data on the internet and save your time on the internet?

it is very hard to collect your desired data from the internet because as we know the internet is full of spam websites that redirect links to so much information and advertisements and time waste website so here we are to help you in search for your desired data from the internet we have an internet data search help service for your SEARCH HELP by Search Tricks

  1. 15 ways to find what you need from the internet Search Tricks.?
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  3. Online Research Tips or Search Tricks for Effective Search Strategies for research?

how do you find relevant information on the internet?

1. 15 ways to find what you need from the internet?

   1. Use the specific search engine

Specific mean the search engine is specialized in a category of searching like video, images, map, books, news, and shopping if you use a specialized search engine related to your search then you save time because this specialized search engine shows only search results related to that suppose your searching for a bag to buy so Amazon and other e-commerce website help us better then another search engine because they give you to each and every information related to the product or comparison images related to your product so if you use then you save your time because that makes easy to understand for you and they also contain the filter to filter your result like the price of the product the size of the product and much more so what you think it is better than Google or not SEARCH HELP or Search Tricks.

   2. Use different keywords

If you searching for information related to the keywords like love and you are not able to find your desired data then you change your keyboard like this love you, love me, I love you, and much more as you think.

This is because each and every search result is indexed by different keywords sometimes users get a more accurate result from different keywords related to that keyword like love, I love you, and you love me, as you see all the keywords are approximately the same but they have different search results when you search on the internet.

   3. Use the question mark

If your search query is related to any question then you use it? Because you are searching a question, not a keyword you use? Because your search query is like a question if you use? Then the search engine easily understands what is your query so they easily find your search result because you defined your search query.

   4. Change your search engines

If you are not getting your desired result from a search engine then you change the search engine because your desired result was not indexed in the search engine that you use if you try different search engines then you get different search results related to your query and the different search results how the different websites different search pages different images ( Best Image Search-Engines For All Time Image-Search ) and you have a lot of data related to you carry because the data is a lot of then the sum of data is useful for you so please not waste your time and change the search engine if you do not get your desire result from this search engine SEARCH HELP

   5. Ignore the search difficulties 

If you are searching for information on the internet and you face difficulties like the website, not an open website is the too slow page showing a 404 error and much more then you Ignore this and never stop your searching the difficulties are waste your time if you not ignore this.     

   6. Use shortcut keys for the browser.   

 If you use shortcut keys related to the browser then you save your time on the keyboard or clicking time is more important so please learn shortcut keys that help you in your browser.      

See your query carefully and think about how you get your desired data easily.

Suppose your query is is love image then you question what is the query and how I get data related to your query if you carefully see the query love image then you just simply do if you right so fast you type the love image on the internet browser and select the image option if you are right SEARCH HELP.

  7. Search-related website or search result 

Use this (related:?) for search information  

  If you use (related:?) in your search query then this helps you in filtering the search result as your desire  ( or related: love ).

( this is the best way to find the related website you like for more information on any topic like amazon's e-comers website if you search like this                                      ( ) then you find all e-comers websites with one click because is an e-comers website.

   8. Searching by file type

searching by file type is the best way to find information on the internet as we know that all the file type is unique or some information is suitable for pdf and other file types.

suppose you searching for an e-book name ( example ) e-book may be available on the internet as a PDF filetype so if search like this then you find that e-book easily ( example filetype: pdf or filetype: pdf, ppt, doc, jpg, gif, ETC).

   9. Search operators

there are so many search operators like = +, -, and, or, *,(),$, define:, weather:, stocks:, map:, in,~.

List of Search operators and their use

  1.  (+) use = Force an exact-match search on a single word or phrase.
  2.  ( - ) use =  Exclude a term or phrase. In our search results.
  3.  ( And ) use = Search for X and Y. This will return only results related to both X and Y.
  4.  ( or ) use = Search for X or Y. This will return results related to X or Y, or both.
  5. ( * ) use = Acts as a wildcard and will match any word or phrase.
  6.  ( ( ) ) use =  Group multiple terms or search operators to control how the search is executed.
  7.  ( $ ) use = Search for prices.
  8.  ( define: )  use = A dictionary built into Google, basically. This will display the meaning of a word.
  9.  ( weather: ) use = Find the weather for a specific location.
  10.  ( stocks: ) use = See stock information (i.e., price, etc.).
  11.  ( map: ) use =  Force Google to show map results for a locational search and more.
  12. (  In ) use = Convert one unit to another.
  13.  ( ~ ) use =  Include synonyms.

    10. Search within  sites

Search within sites it is a useful technique because as we know that all the website are experts in their field of service and knowledge suppose you are searching for articles Wikipedia help you better than another search engine.  

    11. Search by date 

Search by date is also the best way to find a search result it is very useful when you are searching for past news.

    12.  Advance search

use the advanced search option on google to filter your search results to increase the performance of web suffering on the internet.

    13. Results nearby

if you use the word nearby then the search engine shows the results related to your nearby suppose you are searching for a books shop so you search like this ( books shop nearby ).

    14. Search in, image search, video search, and more.

if you search in image search and video search then you understand your search result easily and quickly. Best Image Search-Engines For All Time Image-Search.

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