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 Top 5 Best FREE LANGUAGE LEARNING Apps & Websites

The best FREE language learning apps and websites… In preparation for an upcoming trip, we’ve had the opportunity to test the various resources where you can learn a new language for free. In this video, I’ll share it with you.


Our top 5. In addition to their websites, these all have free apps for both Android and iOS. Don’t just use our top pick on its own, do check out the others as well. In my experience when learning a new language, it’s best to use multiple sites or apps to get a more well-rounded experience and to practice as often as possible.

The various resources where you can learn a new language for free coming up I'll share with you our top five in addition to their websites these all have free apps for both android and ios don't just use our top pick on its own do check out the others as well in my experience when learning a new language it's best to use multiple sites or apps to get a more well-rounded experience and to practice as often as possible let's get started.


50 languages

First up coming in at number five is 50 languages while its user layout is not the most modern of those in this video it's a great resource with high-quality content it's especially useful when used in conjunction with another app or site coming up to supplement your learning it's completely free and now includes more than 50 languages for you to choose from with more than 2 500 language combinations each online course includes 100 lessons all audio files can be downloaded and shared for free on any device and they have quizzes to test what you've learned to begin to select your native language I'll go with English us then select the language.


You'd like to learn I'll go with Spanish the path for learning is not straightforward which means you can select any lesson at any time for beginners I'd recommend starting with lesson one just simply click the play button next to each word to hear the pronunciation continue on to each word practicing the pronunciation as you move forward Joel to test the skills you've learned on this site or any other site here at the top go-to tests once again select your language and the language you're learning just click the word you think fits into each blank space for each sentence if you choose the correct word space will turn green.


Busuu in the number 4 spot doesn't offer a large selection of language courses with only a dozen to choose from but what is offered is top-notch for beginners to an intermediate level of learning the first time using the site select start learning now choose which language you'd like to learn for this one let's go with german this will take you to the lessons page ranging from beginner to intermediate courses first click the lesson and click here to start the courses are structured very well just follow.

official website = https://www.busuu.com/

The instruction on each screen click continue here at the bottom to move forward hello hello [Music] after completing all the courses and passing the test you'll have the opportunity to earn yourself an official McGraw-hill education certificate the free account with bouzouki just offers the basic lessons the more advanced lessons are available with their premium plans that start at 583 per month.

Mango Languages

Coming in at number three is mango languages they offer more than 70 languages for free through thousands of public libraries schools and other organizations to help you learn mango uses an adaptive learning process that evolves based on your learning style as you move forward through each lesson after creating your account you can select one of the popular languages listed or here to the right of the box select see all and you'll see the others that are available but I'll just go back here and select french on this page select start learning.

official website = https://mangolanguages.com/


From here on out just read and follow the instructions this chapter will teach you to have delightful conversations like this don't worry if the conversation seemed difficult we'll lead you through it part by part if you're someone that has anxiety about learning a new language mango does a pretty good job of holding your hand through the entire process.

Find a local organization that offers mango for free here at the top select find mango in the empty box enter your zip or postal code and click search libraries scroll down the page here a bit you'll see those offering mango for free and those that don't if you'd like to use mango languages but don't belong to a local library or school offering for free plans start at 7.99 per month after a two-week free trial in the runner-up spot coming in at number two is memorize for serious learners.


I highly advise using memrise along with our number one pick coming up to get a better comprehension of all that is being learned more than 20 languages are available providing techniques to help you remember each concept most of the content is offered by memorizing itself along with user-generated content from their community to begin using memorize select get started.

official website = https://www.memrise.com/


Select your language from the drop-down box and below that choose the language you want to learn let's go with Korean if you're an absolute beginner select start from the beginning or if you already know some of the language scrolls down and you can skip ahead to what best fits your situation for this one I'll go back to the top and select start from the beginning to continue on.

You'll need to create an account after you create your account just watch the videos listen to the audio and follow the instructions while many of the features are free to unlock everything memrise has to offer you'll have to choose one of their premium plans that start at 8.99 per month or 750 per month if paid on an annual basis they even have a buy one's lifetime plan for around 140 coming in at number one.


Our favorite language learning app and website are Duolingo with more than three dozen languages it has a clear structure making it great for newbies and offers full access to all the lessons for free whether using their website or their mobile app it has a great user layout and design with a reward system that unlocks new levels if you're brand new to Duolingo.

official website = https://www.duolingo.com/

Select get started select the language you want to learn there are more than 36 to choose from for game of thrones fans you can learn high valyrian and for star trek fans you can even learn Klingon for this one I'll go with Swahili it'll now ask how you heard about them select your answer hit to continue the reason why you're learning the language select it hit continue now choose a daily goal I'll leave it on regular and continue now they'll ask if you want them to help keep your daily goal.

You can either allow or block in this case I'll block it they'll even give you the choice of using Facebook or Google but I'll go with not now choose your path your choices are learning the language for the first time or already know some of that language for absolute beginners choose to learn for the first time.

Mimi has no idea what that means but I'll hover over it Mimi that one means either I or me so I'll select I click the green check box here at the bottom then continue in Tanzania I'll write this one in English here Mimi Tanzania Mimi they do have a premium plan called Duolingo plus it's 6.99 per month after a 14-day trial it offers an ad-free experience along with other features but it's not necessary to gain full access to their lessons thanks for watching links to the sites mentioned are in the description if this video was useful.

For you give it a thumbs up let us know in the comments which language you'd like to learn 

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