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Google Search Tips And Tricks For The Information On Internet

if you want to search on Google like a ninja to improve your chances of finding what you're looking for coming up we'll show you 40 search tricks for use on Google Search Tips And Tricks For The Information On Internet.

 Google Search Tricks Most People Don't Know

These are the best Google Search Tips and Tricks most people don’t know about. With more than 40 being mentioned, this video will help you to search on Google like a ninja.

 most people don't know about and we're starting right now we'll go through it.

 each of these quickly in five different categories we'll begin with the basic search tips that often get overlooked with the tips and tricks for advanced users near the end. 

 Basic Search Tips-Tricks

when doing your initial search keep the number of words to a minimum avoiding any unnecessary words three or fewer keywords is a good rule to follow for example.

 if you want a tutorial on how to write code for the Python computer programming language. just use the keywords python programming and tutorial from here add additional keywords if necessary to narrow down the search results click on tools.

 you have two choices you can filter when the content was published anytime is the default you can select from the past hour up to the past year or select a custom range.

and for all results selecting verbatim will only list results that include.

 all search terms with the exact spelling when you're doing an image search the tools tab can be quite handy as well you can filter by size color type time and usage.

rights the usage rights filter is beneficial for those of you looking for images with Creative Commons licenses to use in your projects.

 you'll notice to the right of each URL in the results there's a drop-down arrow cached that is useful for those times.

 when a site goes down and you want to view a snapshot of that page.

 Search Tips And Tricks For The Internet

The last time Google's web crawler was on that side and sometimes you'll see a similar option for example.

selecting similar next to the Wayfarer homepage URL will list results for sites like Wayfair to help protect yourself.

 children from explicit content or to protect yourself while at the office from not safe for work search results go to settings.

 in the lower right select search settings here at the top click in the box to turn on safe search while Google admits it isn't 100 accurate it's better than nothing.

 at all, by now I'm sure most of you know how to do a voice search on your mobile device Google Voice Search is also supported in the Chrome desktop browser.

 to activate it click the microphone icon in the search box here's an example.

 hotel California lyrics from here on out

I'll use the voice search when possible or when it makes sense.

 let's now take a look at some of the more useful search terms and types of searches to get the definition of a word to add and define before.

 the word define anomaly here's the definition of anomaly something that deviates from what is standard normal or expected to get the origin of a word adds etymology before.

 the word etymology anomaly if you're learning the English language using the word pronounce followed by the word you want to learn will give you the pronunciation schedule then click on the speaker schedule up here.

 On the right, you can choose from the American and British pronunciation schedules to translate a word to another language following the word add-in and the name of the language here's an example.

 apple in Arabic in Arabic you would say to get the current weather at your location.

just type or say weather to get the weather for another location use the word weather followed by that location.

 weather Las Vegas it's 66% degrees and clear in Las Vegas to find out the date of an upcoming holiday search

the name of the holiday Mother's Day in the United States.

 will be on Sunday, May 9 2021 for a specific year the name of the holiday is followed by the year Father's Day 2022 father's day in the United States.

 will be on Sunday, June 19, 2022. this next one's cool if you've ever had trouble finding it.

 the customer service phone number for a company search for the name of the company followed by the words customer service Dell customer service.

the customer service number for Dell is 1-800-624-9897 to find out the current stock price use the name of the company followed by.

 For the words stock price, we'll use the parent company of Google which is the alphabet Stock Price Alphabet Inc. The class closed up 0.79 on Friday at 1 567.70 if you happen to know the stock ticker symbol you can.

just use that app apple closed down 1.4 percent on Friday at 119 dollars and two cents getting nutritional. 

Search About Your Favorite Information

information about your favorite foods is fast and easy you could do a general search like this one blueberries according to Wikipedia blueberries are perennial flowering plants with blue or purple berries over here in the right pane scroll down and look at the nutritional. 

facts blueberries appear to be a great source of dietary fiber and vitamin C.

you can also search for specific items at your favorite restaurant McDonald's Big Mac according to Wikipedia.

The Big Mac is a hamburger sold by the international fast-food restaurant chain McDonald's.

let's go to the nutritional facts and look at the nutritional information spinning this in a positive light.

if you're looking to gain weight it appears the Big Mac is an excellent source for saturated fat you can easily search.

information about your favorite TV shows and movies here are a few examples of breaking bad characters.

the characters in Breaking Bad include Walter white Jesse Pink Man Gus Fring and other top gun maverick budgets.

the budget for Top Gun Maverick was 152 million dollars No Time to Die The cast of No Time to Die includes Daniel Craig Rami Malek and six others.

you can also get information about your favorite celebrities as well here are examples.

for you, Tom Cruise's height tom cruise is five feet seven inches tall Clint Eastwood age 90 years old.

tom Brady's wife the wife of Tom Brady is Giselle Bundchen listen up kids when you grow up this is what money and fame can get you honestly do you think they'd be married.

If Tom were bagging groceries at the Piggly Wiggly probably not let's move on to do a search by location at the end of your search put the name of the city or zip code tacos 89104 listings for tacos around Las Vegas here. 

they are doing a reverse image search is lesser-known but might come in handy to find out if you're not getting credit for your original images on other sites.

Image Search Tips And Tricks On the Google search 

homepage click on images in the upper right in the search box and select the camera icon. 

you can upload an image on your computer or paste the image URL to it.

get the URL for the image from a website right-click the image and select copy image address go back paste.

it into the box and click search by the image you can choose from small medium large or all sizes while Amazon gets a ton of attention and free advertising from the bloviating media.

you might find better options elsewhere sometimes with better prices enter your search of what you're looking for in this case I'll go with internal SSD nowhere at the top click the shopping tab to narrow down your selection. 

there are filters along the left this next category will take a look at calculations and conversions.

if you need help with math Google Search can help you to solve an equation quickly 5 times 18 divided by 2 minus 16. the answer is 29. there's also this handy calculator if you need to do more math than other calculators.

you can search for a tip calculator and they even have a mortgage calculator.

that is helpful when you're planning to buy a home or refinance your mortgage the unit converter is extremely useful when comparing data here's an example.

8 degrees Celsius 2 Fahrenheit 8 degrees Celsius is 46.4 degrees Fahrenheit you can also use it to convert others.

types of data as well here's how to easily convert currency comparingthe first unit value with the second 100 us dollars to Ethiopian bur hundred dollars equals 3710 Ethiopian bursts in addition to countries.

 Advanced Search Tips And Tricks

cryptocurrencies like bitcoin can also be converted for the next half dozen we'll call this category time and travel to set a timer search set timer 4 followed by the amount of time set the timer for 3 seconds to find the time the sun will rise or set search sunrise or sunset.

followed by the city named Sunrise San Diego in San Diego today the sun will rise at 6 56 a.m sunset San Diego San Diego today sunset is at 6 10 p.m.

to get the current time in another city search time in and the name of the city time in Denver the time in Denver colorado is 7 32 a.m.

 to check the difference in time from your location to another city insert

the name of the city followed by the word two and the name of the other city followed by the word time New Orleans to New Delhi time New Delhi Delhi India is 10 hours and 30 minutes ahead of New Orleans Louisiana.

 if you're planning a trip to find the cost of flights from the various airlines used.

the same search as the previous example without the word time on the end of New Orleans to New Delhi flights from New Orleans to New Delhi leaving on the 26th of October and coming back on the 8th of November.

 start at 880 to check the status of a flight enter the flight number Delta 910 from Los Angeles to New Orleans is scheduled and depart in 9 hours and 34 minutes.

also when planning a trip to easily find local attractions search the name of the city or country Sydney here is some information about Sydney Sydney.

 capital of New South Wales and one of Australia's largest cities is best known for its harbourfront Sydney opera house.

with a distinctive sail-like design in the card here on the right under plan a trip click the associated travel guide.

here you can find the things you can do while visiting that location using search operators are great when trying to narrow down your.

search here's some of our favorites to only see the results from a specific website type site colon and the name of the site with no space to find certain information from that site add a space to the end of the query followed by your search term earlier.

similar websites here's another way to type related colon and again with no space.

the name of the site to get search results with a specific file type listed type file type colon without space any known extension, in this case, we'll go with pdf.

add a space and your search term you'll now see results linking directly to the file type you entered here's the search operator I use most often this one excludes words and sites.

from the results in the search box enter your search term add a space a minus and the word you want omitted to omit a specific site.

Search Results From a Specific Country.

after you enter your search term after the minus use any word in the name of the site when you only want

first enter in your search query I'll go with lasagna recipes add a space site colon and the TLD which stands for a top-level domain for that country examples of TLDs include us for the united states dot the UK for the united kingdom and I n for India.

for this search, I'm using it for Italy to find an exact match for a sentence on a web page or music lyrics.

 put your search term inside quotation marks using the search operator or capitalize.

 lets you perform two searches in one here's another example.

on this one, we'll go with Tom Hardy or Cruz if your memory ever lets you down and can't remember a word the asterisk is a useful wild card that can help you in your search to find web pages with your keywords in the title.

 type in the title colon with no space and your search term this also works with the URLs of web pages.

 just replace the title within url another option instead of remembering the search operators is to do an advanced search in the lower right and select settings and advanced Search.

this can also be quite useful to narrow down the results I personally keep this page bookmarked for those times you need to do a complex search.

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