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How we should do video editing?

How we should do editing?

Total beginner's guide to video editing

Here are twelve steps that are the basics you need to know. Remember, you'll develop your own editing style as you practice more but these are simple tips to help you get started.

What's interesting is that editing begins long before the first cut. It starts on the shoot.

Any video content like YouTube channel etc.

12 steps | How we should do video editing?

  1. Multiple takes

  2. Back up your footage

  3. Your edit space

  4. Organize your files

  5. Watch your footage

  6. Beginning to edit

  7. Fine cutting

  8. Watch over and over, pause, and do it again

  9. Building up your edit

  10. Working with sound

  11. Mixing your sound

  12. What is color correction?

how do edit a photo like a professional?

how do you take such good pictures come to think about it I think that photography has come with like digital cameras and things in that natural style in how it's processed is almost if not just as or if not more important than a picture you actually take you to know you can take now you know you take a raw image and process it in Lightroom or Photoshop and you can do so much to an image even after it's taken.

gonna show you in this video how you can take a bad image and make it good you know I usually have a fairly light setup when I do most of my shoots my engagement sessions the weddings I shoot corporate stuff coffee shop stuff typically I'm only using my camera body which is a sony a7r - and the Zeiss 55 1.8 lenses and I've done I do so much work.

with that setup in general and so I'm not really you know all-flash kind of person or like on flash unless it's like you know reception or something like that but I think the way you process your photos so so so much and I think that's really what took my profession.

Where should I start to learn photo and video editing?

Want to learn how to start shooting high-quality, professional video with your DSLR or Mirrorless camera?  Patrick Hall and Lee Morris of Fstoppers have produced this full-length tutorial so you can easily and quickly transition from photographer to videographer.  

Some of the topics included in this tutorial are understanding frame rate and resolution, how to stabilize your camera, using tripods, gimbals, and sliders, how to shoot slow motion, editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, recording professional audio, using different types of microphones, and how to edit a professional commercial with the gear you already own.

Tips for Hiring a Video Editor for YouTube (Budgeting, Briefing, and more!)

How to hire your first YouTube video editor and how do hire an editor for YouTube videos? WATCH THIS!

When you're letting go of that creative control in your channel, it can be so scary. You might wonder "How much should I pay my video editor for YouTube videos", "How to hire an editor for YouTube", or "What tips on hiring an editor for YouTube should I know??"

To avoid the mistakes I made, I teach you how to outsource editing on YouTube and my experience with how to find and hire a video editor. This especially includes what to know before hiring a video editor and how to outsource video editing on YouTube, especially if it's your first time. 

If you want to learn the steps to outsourcing video editing that I took, along with the tips on outsourcing video editing, keep watching to learn my hiring a video editor tips! Enjoy (:

Basic Lightroom editing let's talk about

Lightroom specifically you import your images to Lightroom they're stored in a file on your computer then Lightroom uses that as a reference now if you use Photoshop or any of these other editing things essentially what you do is you take your image you upload it into Photoshop you make some edits you save.


Lightroom allows you to take your photo and create the image you visualize when shooting.  It is 50% of the creative process and an important step in getting great photos.  In this Lightroom tutorial video, I talk about how to process a photo in Lightroom with these 7 simple tips. 

6 steps you SHOULD be doing when EDITING PHOTOS

This is a list of 6 steps you should be considering when editing photos. You don't need to do all of these every time, but they are definitely things you should think about. I walk through Lightroom and Photoshop to show some techniques and edits.

10 Mistakes NEW Video Editors Make (Video Editing for Beginners!)

Here are 10 mistakes NEW Video Editors make when starting out, and how to easily avoid them! (Video Editing for Beginners)

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