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FREE GOOGLE CERTIFICATIONS COURSES | how to Learn with Earn from Google free courses

Free Google Certification Courses | Learn with Earn from Google free courses

Google the certificate program worth it? | Learn from Google with Global courses

all about whether google the certification program is worth it. now you might be asking yourself what exactly are google certificates well this is the company google's attempt to basically create more people more people who have certain skills in high growth fields.

now showing on the screen right now is going to be uh basically the google certification program main page and these are job-ready skills you can put to work right so this is going to fast track you to get jobs in high growth fields. 

so what they claim here is there are no experience necessary 1.3 million in-demand job openings across certificate fields you can learn at your own pace it's under 10 hours per week it's also flexible so you can study whenever you.

have the time they also claim that 82 percent of certificate graduates report a positive career impact in six months and then the average salary for these entry-level roles across the certification fields is about 63 600 which is fantastic for an entry-level job especially an entry-level job that doesn't require a degree and then the ones that they offer right.

now as of recording this video is going to be it support data analytics project management UX design which is basically the user interface design and then android development now all of these courses are 100 remote all you need is a computer and they are taught to you by professionals.

so people who really know what they're doing in those given fields so the next question is who are these courses for well it's important to remember here that these courses are designed to prepare you for an entry-level position.

These are for two different types of people

  • people who are trying to get their first job or their first professional job.
  • get their first entry-level position or someone who's looking to completely change careers.

so google claims that the main reason that they started this program is that they had a lot of these positions that they needed to fill in these various fields but there weren't enough qualified candidates.

Free Google Certifications | Google Certification Courses | Google Certification Digital Marketing

Get Google Certifications for FREE that you can use in your professional career, grow your own business, or start making money online. In this video, I am going to share with you five Google courses that you can start today and take your digital skills to the next level - all for free.

You can put these certifications on your CV/resume, LinkedIn Profile, professional website, or promote your freelancing services online. 

Courses cover how to successfully start and grow your online shop, promote your business online, measure your website traffic with Google Analytics, effectively manage your YouTube channel and develop Google products such as Google PlayStore or Android. 

Simply choose the course that works best for you and your goals. One important thing that I am also going to talk about in this video is how to prepare for your Google certification exams and pass with flying colors. 


How To Make Money Online With Google Certifications!

how you can make money online with google certifications you can get certified for free and start making money online and businesses and entrepreneurs are looking for people to do this job for them.

let's get right into it so what you want to do is type in skill shop dot with

This is the website that is going to certify you by google for absolutely free so you're getting absolutely free training and these skills are very much needed out there for some businesses they rather hire someone like you especially.

if you're certified to do this like it says here master the google tools you use at work with free online training develops skills you can apply right away with e-learning courses designed by Google product experts.

learn at your own pace and get google product certified so that is pretty cool because you can do one of the certifications today and do another one tomorrow takes you a few days to get them.

all done if you want to get them all done you don't have to get them all done so here are the free training find free online product training and certifications right for you so these are all of the free.

How to Make $100k+ working from home with FREE Google Certification

Google certification training // Because oftentimes I get asked what kind of certification training I recommend (especially free) that is good for regular and work-from-home jobs, today I wanted to share more about Google Skillshop, a massive opportunity to get a Google certification training FOR FREE!!!

If you want to work from home, these Google certifications will help you develop some of the most in-demand Google skills. Apart from getting certified they allow you to get well-paid work-from-home jobs to make money online or apply to many regular jobs. 

Throughout the video, I show you where to apply to these FREE Google certifications, how to get the Google certification training as well as the certification itself.

Make sure you stick around till the end. I am showing you how to use these Google certifications to get online jobs and star-making money online. I show you everything you need to know about it. So stay tuned!

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