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How to make my website reflect in search engine?

 How to make my website reflected in search engines?

What is a website?

  • why do you need to know about it?
  • how can you apply it to your business today?
  • where can you get some more information? 
  • how you can benefit?

A website is a collection of documents known as a web page that contains information and words images audios and videos web pages are stored on a server which is a computer designed to store websites online.

The server is stored and maintained by hosting providers usually in industrial locations around the world hosting your website on a server or a hosting provider ensures that your website is open to the public 24/7 and technical persons are always on standby should something go wrong

why do you need to know about it?

websites according to the latest data of Kingdom com Internet users reached over 2.2 billion people needless to say having a website to promote your business or ideas is imperative nowadays to reach a broad and expansive user base most households have access to the Internet sometimes even more than one computer the great thing about.

The Internet is you can reach the whole world and not just your neighborhood opening up markets for you that may have never been possible before both fast and inexpensively.

How can you apply this to your business today?

It might be an exaggeration to claim that you can't run a business without a website nowadays that's because having your own website gives you a great deal of flexibility and increases your marketing options you can increase your business's discoverability extremely fast with various traffic and social media strategies.

You can make it so much easier for people to find you than ever before the age of piling away business cards in consulting the Yellow Pages is well passed today people look online to find businesses and gather social proof that before sites like Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn with their tools have simply become valuable in recent years your website doesn't just make you easy to find you can also directly sell your products or services online.

How To Build A Website

Making a website is one of those things that feels really hard if you haven't done it before, you're like, "Oh my God, I need to code, I need to do this and that, HTML, CSS, Javascript." It's so easy these days.

Everyone should have their own website. It's something I've always stood by and in this video, I'll be going over everything you need to know about setting up a website from why create a personal website to how to pick a platform & domain and, finally, what to do with it once you have it. 

Top 5 List of websites to make a website:

How to Make a Free Blog Website on

how you can create and customize a 100% free blog at which includes a free domain name and free website hosting.

Now, this is a 100 free solution you get free website hosting and you even get a free domain name a subdomain so it'll be something that you choose dot

Show you how to not only set this up but do some customization so it fits your needs.

How To Build A Website with WordPress 

Step by step how to build a professional-looking website.

Now what's great about this is that you don't have to be a web developer or know how to code in order to be able to build a professional-looking website in a very quick amount of time.

So this will be a more condensed tutorial but if you're looking for those hours-long or two hour-long WordPress tutorials we will be releasing those later in the coming weeks this is going to be a condensed most important part of building a website to get you from where you are now without a site to getting you to a fully built out site as fast as possible.

Build A WIX Website For FREE

WIX to show you guys how easy and quick it is to make a stunning, aesthetic, professional website in 10 minutes! Wix has so many different templates to choose from that make website building simple and not intimidating. 

First, I share with you some insight on my new business Self-Made CEO, then explain who I'm actually building a website for! Next, we go through the beginning process of building the website and I show you the stages I went through to get it to the final look that I wanted.

How To Submit Your Website to Google Search Engine

 Why is my website not showing up in Google? In this video, I am going to solve this problem and we will Submit our Website to Google & other Search Engine, this way your website is visible to Google & other Search Engine, moreover, you also learn How to Make a Website Appear First in Google Search.

How To Add My Website In Google Search Engine Free

How to add my website in Google search engine FREE! In this video, I'm going to show you how to submit your website to Google search engine (submit URL to google), Fast & Easy! 

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