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How to rank on Google search? | what's the simple way to rank on Google search?

what's the simple way to rank on Google search?

How to Get More Organic Traffic (Fast!) | Rank on Google search?

First, I'll show you the 3 SEO tools that I consider ("must-haves"). I personally use 15 SEO tools on a weekly basis. But these are the 3 most important.

Then, it's all about keyword research. Here's where you learn how to find keywords that your customers search for every day. Third, I show you how to optimize your site using a handful of on-page SEO strategies. 

Next up, we get into some basic technical SEO stuff just to make sure that Google can crawl and index all of your site's pages.

Finally, I show you how to create content that's primed to rank on the first page of Google. I also show you how to use white hat link-building strategies to build links to that content.

And I wrap up my SEO checklist with a few advanced strategies.

Step for  | Rank on Google search?

  • Step #1 of this SEO Checklist, Set Up Essential SEO Tools and Plugins.
  • Step #2 in this Checklist, Find Keywords That Customers Search For.
  • Step #3, Keyword-Optimize Your Content.
  • Step #4 in this SEO checklist, Find and Fix Technical SEO Issues and Errors.
  • Step #5 Create Content Designed to Rank in Google.
  • The last step #6 in this checklist, Build Links to Your Website.

A quick bonus step:

  • Tap Into Advanced SEO Techniques.
  • Strategies.

How to Rank #1 in Google with (7 New Strategies) | Rank on Google search?

will show you exactly how to rank in Google using strategies that are working right now (in 2021). 

So, what will you learn in this new video?

First, I’ll show you how to find low-competition keywords. Some of these are long-tail keywords. But some of them get a decent amount of searches. Either way, these are terms that you’ll want to target because there isn’t a whole lot of competition on Google’s first page. 

Next, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Search Intent. If you want to rank #1 in Google today, you need to get SUPER good at Search Intent. It’s a requirement for ranking.

Then, I show you how to use videos to improve your rankings (and to get more traffic from Google). This isn’t as important as something like keyword research. But it definitely helps. 

This is just a preview. I also cover Featured Snippets, video SEO, CPC, promotion, and more.

How to Get More Google Traffic [New SEO Technique] | Rank on Google search?

I’m going to show you how to get more traffic from Google using a new SEO strategy. (“Snippetbait”)

Here’s a little preview of the strategy:

The overall goal of this approach is to rank in the Featured Snippet spot. My own SEO experiments have found that getting listed as the Featured Snippet can 5-10x your organic click-through rate.

This makes sense if you think about it: the featured snippet box is a HUGE area above the traditional results.

The thing is until recently, I had no idea how to rank my site as a Featured Snippet. But after lots of testing, I eventually figured things out. I don’t rank 100% of the time. But I at least now improve the odds that I’ll get in there. And in this video, I go over the exact step-by-step process that you can use to get more Google traffic. 

The Only 4 Free Tools You Need to Rank on Google search?

STOP Paying for SEO Tools - The Only 4 Free Tools You Need to Rank #1 in Google | When I got started in SEO, there were dozen of tools out there. 

They were all expensive, and, hey, unless you wanted rankings, you would have to pay for one of these tools. 

But times have changed. There are not just dozens of tools now, there are hundreds of tools. And because of that, there's a lot of free ones as well. 

Today, I'm going to break down why you should stop paying for SEO tools, and only use these four free tools if you want to rank number one on Google.

List of Tools You Need to Rank on Google search?

  • Have for you is Structured Data Markup Helper.
  • Have for you, Google Trends.
  • At least, another free tool, Ubersuggest.

3 Things to Do If  Your Google Rankings Drop (Don't Wait! Use These SEO Strategies Immediately!)  | Rank on Google search?

have some high Google rankings at the moment, but eventually, you are going to lose them. The question is just when.

Here to learn more of my secret SEO tips and When this happens here is what you should do:

  • 1. Log into Google Search Console - through Search Console you can see what pages lost traffic. It shows you which pages are going up and going down over time. Now that you know what page has lost traffic, Google the terms that the page is ranking for and look at the top sites that currently rank. What are they doing differently than you? How does their content compare to yours?
  • 2. Adjust your pages - Google Search Console will show a list of keywords your page used to rank for. Integrate those keywords onto your page and make your content more thorough. You can't just stuff in keywords, it needs to flow naturally.
  • 3. Double check your meta tags - make sure your keywords are within your title tag and meta description.

Once you have done that, submit your URL to Search Console again, they will crawl it, and within a few weeks, you should get more search traffic and higher rankings.

SEO Mistakes to Avoid | Rank on Google search?

These are the top SEO mistakes to avoid, and if you don't, you're going to get banned. 

Tip #1: Avoid building links through WordPress themes. 

Some people are still doing them, and they think it works.  Back in the day, I had a web hosting website. I never provided web hosting, but, I ranked number one on Google for the term web hosting. 

That's one of the most competitive terms.  Everyone's going after it because they want affiliate commissions for HostGator, Bluehost, GoDaddy.  You name it. 

Instead of creating my own themes, I bought domains that had to host in it or the term web hosting and then bought a ton of WordPress themes. 

I bought all the popular WordPress themes that were already out there and got them for little to no money. Within six months I shot off to the page of Google for the term web hosting. 

Within another three months, I shot up to the first spot.  And you know what happened?  Google eventually banned the website. 

When I was ranking number one, I was generating over $100,000 a month in affiliate income. That was great. 

I didn't even spend more than $50,000 buying a ton of these sites, and I did that over a period of six months. So the income that I was generating was massive compared to my investment. But I got banned. I learned, don't do shady link affiliate tactics.

Tip #2: Avoid expired domain names. 

There was a domain named after a park, and I bought it because it was about the civil war in America and it had a bunch of  EDU links. 

All I did was to take an ancient domain name that had a ton of authority and changes it to casino-related stuff, and, boom, I popped up in the top three spots for the key term "online casino" and "casino." That's crazy, right? 

Eventually, Google figured it out, got banned, lost all my money. I stopped using those tactics because it's not good in the long run. 

If you're not sure if you're SEO strategy that you're using is going to get you banned or not, leave a comment, and I'll tell you if you should be doing more of it or less of it. The last thing you want to do is put all this time and energy like I did and then get banned. Think long-term. 

Tip #3: Avoid writing the same content over and over again. 

After a while, you run out of topics to produce. So you just regurgitate the same stuff over and over again. Instead, what you should be doing is updating your old content and changing it to 2017 to 2018, and making the tools more thorough. Delete the old ones that no one uses anymore. 

In your blog, you probably already have regurgitated content, so go into your Google Analytics, look at the one that gets the least amount of search topic, and redirect to more popular topics.

Combine the content, make it more thorough, you have less duplicate content, and take all your old material that's bad and no one's reading anymore, and delete it. When you do that, you're going to get way more traffic, you're not going to get penalized, and it's going to grow quarter over quarter continually.

Avoid these three SEO mistakes and in the long run when you measure your growth, year over year, you should be going up. Think long-term, and stay away from short-term tricks and tactics like I was doing. It's about longevity. Follow these tips, and you will have longevity.

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