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what is search engine write their advantage

 What is Search Engine Write Their Advantage?

What are Search engine basics?

Search engines catalog the Internet to help connect searchers with exactly what they’re looking for. That makes them a great marketing tool.

  • A brief history of search engines
  • How search engines changed business
  • Why search is a good place to start.

Some of the history behind search engines. will explain how search engines have changed business and tell you why they're a great place to market your business.

So where do search engines come from one of the earliest search engines was a program called Archie which debuted in 1990 and it allowed people to access and search filenames which were basically the names of webpages but Archie couldn't tell you what was on those web pages fast forward a few decades and search engines like Google Bing Yahoo AOL Baidu and Yandex have all come a pretty long way.

These search engines use incredibly sophisticated computer programs to sort through a massive number of web pages most search engines basically work in the same way when a person wants to find something they type in a word or a phrase this is called a search query then the search engine compares that query to its catalog of webpages pulling out the best matches to show the searcher these are displayed on a search results page.

A search engine's goal is to create the most relevant list of results possible to help the searchers find what they're looking for the results page will mainly show links to websites but you might also see stuff like local business listings items for sale adverts images maps videos and lots more.

How search engines work

Search engines examine all the pages on the World Wide Web, categorize them, and put them in to a logical order when you search for something. Understanding how this works can help your business.

  • How search engines find web pages
  • What they do with the web pages they find
  • How they decide what to show on search results pages.

How search engines work. We'll give you the basics of how search engines find web pageswhat they do with the pages they find, and how they decide what results to show.

When you're using a search engine to find the closest coffee shop, you're probably not thinking about the technology behind it all.

How did that search engine do that? How did it sort through the entire Internet so quickly and choose the result you saw on the page? Each search engine uses its own software program, but they all work in a similar way.

They all perform Three basic tasks.

  • They examine the content they learn about and have permission to see; that's called crawling.
  • They categorize each piece of content; that's called indexing.
  • They decide which content is most useful to the searchers; that's called ranking.

Let's take a closer look at how these work. Search engines crawl the internet to discover content, like web pages, images, and videos.

Each search engine uses computer programs to make its way through the pages. These are known as crawlers, spiders, or bots, which is short for robots. The bots hop from page to page by following links to other pages. These bots never stop.

Their sole purpose is to visit and revisit pages, looking for new links and new content to include in the index. Indexing is the second part of the process. The index is a gigantic list of all the web pages and content found by the bots.

The search engine uses this index as a source of information displayed on the search results pages, but not everything the bot finds makes it onto a search engine's index. Search engines may find multiple copies of the exact same piece of the content located on different websites.

How search engines see the web

If you want to make sure your website turns up in more search engine results, stay tuned for this video, which includes:

  • How search engines understand what’s on a web page
  • Which parts of a web page help search engines do this
  • How to make your web pages more visible to search engines.

how search engines see web pages. Let's go over how search engines understand what's on a web page which parts of the web page specifically help them and how you can make your pages more visible to search engines.

In simple terms when you ask a search engine to find something it looks through a huge list of previously indexed pages called the Index. And pulls out relevant results based on what you're looking for.

Pages make it into the index only after the search engine has determined what they're about. That way it can file them in exactly the right place amongst other pages and find them the next time a search relates to their content.

how a search engine decides what a page is about you can optimize your pages to make sure they show up in search results of the people looking for websites just like yours. Let's say you own a coffee shop and you've got a website to promote it. 

But when a search engine looks at the same page in addition to seeing what you see on your screen it also sees the code behind it, called HTML.

Specific parts of this code help the search engine understand what the web page is all about and knowing which parts are important can help you optimize your site.

The Internet: How Search Works

How search really works. They cover everything from how special programs called "spiders" scan the Internet before you even type in your search terms to what determines which search results show up first.

Find out how search algorithms bust spammers, manage location services and even use machine learning to make search better every year.

Advantage of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is there to do one thing - drive traffic for your website to then convert into inquiries or sales for your business. Businesses need leads and SEO is one of the best ways to get them coming in regularly on autopilot. People are already searching for your services - why would you leave them to your competitors? This is the #1 advantage of SEO, but that's not it.

Being at the top of Google search engine rankings gives an impression. It builds trust, increases your brand awareness, and ultimately encourages people to buy from and even spread the word about you.

What’s the first thing you do when you have a problem?

If you’re anything like me you Google it then scrolls straight past the ads to see what your research has found.

Now picture all of your potential customers doing exactly the same thing.

Who do they find? Who’s brand name do they start to trust? Who’s website do they visit? Who’s information do they trust and who do they ultimately go on to buy from?

Is it you? Or a competitor?

My services make sure that it’s you. My name is Ben Church and I run Tiny Digital. I use SEO to help businesses consistently generate leads, freeing up owners to focus on improving and growing their business instead of worrying about where the next sale is coming from.

I work with clients from Canada to Newcastle and I’m here to help more local businesses grow and to ask you to consider the value that outsourcing your SEO to an expert would add to your business. 

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