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10 Free websites or software for typing tools for improve your | Which are the best typing websites and software?

10 Free and pad typing test | Which are the best typing websites and software?

Day Today we are going to Top 10 Free and pad typing tests and Which are the best typing websites and software? to use a lot of things that we've already learned the first thing is navigating the internet to use a program to help us learn how to keyboard properly many of you have already done.

How I Practiced Touch Typing For 30 Days

I tried to learn touch typing in 30 days. My typing skills have never really been up to par but in this short period, I was able to go from 28 words per minute to 70 words per minute.

How I typing code so fast.

what we're going to be talking about today is how you can code faster. I know this love you guys out there you may know how to code but you're just coding at this exceedingly slow pace and you're just hardly able to get anything done out there as an ex-googler Khalid I wanted to provide you some of my top tips on how you can increase your developer velocity and ship more code quicker.

Because the fact is it's one thing to be able to code many people may know how to do that but an entirely different thing to be able to swim through code and churn through it like butter I participated in the ACM programming competition and even there my teammates was like me to be the one who would be sitting at the computer coding and they made such strategies and algorithms and through my many jobs.

I've always been praised as a fast coder by my teammates and managers so I wanted to give you some of my top tips.

How to Type Faster 100 wpm+ (in One Week)

How to Type Faster? How to stop wasting time? What is Touch Typing? In this video, learn to type 100 wpm + in ONE WEEK. Make good use of your time!

I give you 5 tips to maximize your typing speed and show you how to cut the precious time that you've been wasting all along.

List of  Top 10 Free and pad typing tests:

  1. Typing Master
  2. Animal Typing – Lite
  4. TypingClub
  5. The Typing Cat
  6. Ratatype
  7. RapidTyping
  8. TypeLift
  9. Key Hero

1) Typing Master

TypingMaster provides a complete instructional keyboarding course leading the trainee from the basics all the way to professional, fast touch-type technique.

Multi-form lessons provide optimal support for every phase of learning, the results of which can be assessed anytime with a standard wpm speed test.

  • How long does it take to learn to touch-type?
  • How can I increase my typing speed and accuracy in a week?
  • How to learn to type numbers?
  • Which languages and keyboard layouts are supported?
  • Which course is best for learning to write faster?

2)  Animal Typing – Lite

 Animal Typing is a simple and funny way to learn touch typing on a keyboard for kids and grown-ups.

Start typing faster on your keyboard. Animal Typing teaches you how to touch type correctly on your keyboard.

In Animal Typing, the animal you get depends on your typing skills. The faster you type on your keyboard, the faster is your animal (snail, rabbit, horse, etc.). However, be careful, Animal Typing also greatly rewards your typing accuracy. So, avoid the typos and get the cheetah!

URL Link:

  • Use a Bluetooth keyboard or directly touch type on the animated keyboard. ** A hardware Bluetooth keyboard is recommended to learn touch typing. ** (Qwerty, Dvorak, ...)
  • 32 lessons to gradually learn touch typing on the keyboard keys.
  • Also, include a second set of 32 lessons designed for kids under 10 years old.
  • Animated fingers showing the proper typing technique.
  • Learn touch typing with multiple keyboard layouts: Qwerty (US, UK), Dvorak, Colemak, Qwertz (German), Azerty (French). (The keyboard layout should be set in Android settings.)
  • Include advanced lessons to learn touch typing with special characters (1234... #$%[]...).
  • Local user login system to switch between multiple users.

3) is free! Make sure to register for a free account to save your typing progress and statistics! displays fun and interesting ads to help pay for the cost of building and maintaining 

If you would prefer not to see advertisements, you can upgrade to a Premium Account and you will never see another ad again.


URL Link:

  • Introduction to
  • How to Use

Introduction to

Day today we are going to put to use a lot of things that we've already learned the first thing is navigating the internet to use a program to help us learn how to keyboard properly many of you have already done this we've done it in class in most of our classes not I haven't gotten to it with everyone.

but you'll be able to do it now once we go through this the second thing we're going to do is use our usernames and passwords and keep them private in order to save our work and be able to continue on.

How to Use

How to Use Tutorial by Ampa Ahabwe Cole. At Galaxy International School Uganda, students use Project-Based Learning (PBL) to explore, discover, and learn new skills in and outside of class. Then they share their experience with others.

The PBL Showcase is designed to promote and share exemplary student work in PBL projects. The showcase also serves as a valuable learning and teaching tool for students, parents, teachers, and other educators.

4) TypingClub

TypingClub is the most effective way to learn how to type. It is web-based and highly effective. TypingClub is (and will always be) free for both individuals and schools. There is an optional paid school edition.

URL Link:

How Does it Work?

Keep practicing each lesson until you get all five stars. It really doesn't take much to learn, a few minutes a day for one to two weeks, and you will be a pro!

Do I need an account?

You do not need to create an account. However, as you go through the lessons, you can create an optional profile in order to save your progress.

5) The Typing Cat

Online keyboard touch typing tutor designed for beginners and advanced typists. Learn touch typing, improve your typing speed and accuracy, be more productive.

TheTypingCat is made to reinforce continuous learning of how to type. We track your progress so you can see how your typing speed and accuracy increase over time. Regular activities are a critical factor in achieving professional typing skills.

URL Link:

6) Ratatype

Hello, I'm Captain Ratatype and I want to tell you about my typing tutor. Ratatype is a simple and convenient online typing tutor for everybody who wants to type better.

I know, that you have to type a lot: at home, at school, at work, and it takes the time that you can devote to other activities. With Ratatype you can free up to 20 minutes a day because it will teach you to type much faster and the "blind ten-finger typing method" will no longer be just a phrase from a textbook.

URL Link:

  • So, why Ratatype is the best typing tutor?
  • Play games and learn touch typing
  • Typing lessons for everyone!
  • Typing lessons for teachers and students
  • Groups on Ratatype
  • Ratatype for different countries

7) RapidTyping

RapidTyping is a convenient and easy-to-use keyboard trainer that will help you improve your typing speed and reduce typos. With its lessons organized for various student levels, RapidTyping will teach you to touch typing or enhance existing skills.

Typing tutors can be used both in the classroom under the guidance of a teacher, as well as for self-study. Available export the training statistics in the different formats and create your own training courses.

URL Link:

Courses for beginners experienced typists and professional testing:

  • Virtual keyboard
  • Moving hands
  • Lesson editor
  • Progress tracking
  • Export of training outcomes
  • Classroom use
  • Multi-language interface and etc.

8) TypeLift

Improve your typing speed online TypeLift is a free touch typing courseware running directly in your browser. It assists you to practice your keyboard skills efficiently and therefore increases your typing speed immensely.


URL Link:

  • TYPING TEST: How fast can you type? Take our typing test and check your current typing speed.
  • LEARN TO TYPE: Learn the fundamentals on how to practice efficiently and type faster by using all 10 fingers.
  • PRACTICE: Choose from a variety of free typing lessons and practice your typing skills gradually.
  • STATISTICS: Follow your progress by keeping an eye on your latest results and your long-term improvements.

9) Key Hero

Do you think you are a good typer? An average touch typer can type at around 60 WPM (word per minute). Find out how fast you are. Take the typing test now.

Key Hero
Key Hero

URL Link:

Key Hero is a great place to improve your typing skills. The game keeps track of all your performances (WPM and accuracy) and helps you understand what type of mistake you make.

Typing Test - Play Now! If you are a registered user, log in.

find out your wpm Be more productive. Every time you look at the keyboard or make a mistake, you move your attention away from what you really want to do. Wouldn't it be nice if you could type as fast as you can think? This site is helping you do that.

10) is a website specialized in the training of users to improve their typing technique using the computer keyboard. 

To learn the touch typing technique using 10 fingers, good typing offers a free basic course comprising 27 lessons and an advanced course comprising 21 more lessons not free. A typing speed test and virtual classrooms for schools and teachers are also available on the web.

Good typing

URL Link:

Free online typing course

  • Learn how to type correctly in just a few hours using all your fingers.
  • You will soon be typing faster than you ever imagined.
  • 27 guided lessons to learn step-by-step from the beginning.
  • Choose between 23 different keyboard layouts.
  • Web-based course. No downloads are required.

11) Touch Typing Study

Welcome to Touch Typing Study! Touch typing is a method based on muscle memory instead of sight. This method allows you to achieve a much higher speed of data entry, especially if you need to transcribe text from other visual material. Once you can touch-type you will not need to look at the keyboard to find the letters you want to type and you will also be able to type at a much faster speed!

Typing with the touch typing method significantly improves your computer productivity; it increases data entry speed and, where possible, reduces fatigue and injury to the eyes.

Touch Typing Study contains 15 lessons, a speed test, and games from which you can learn to type step-by-step, monitor your own progress, and have fun!.

Touch Typing Study
Touch Typing Study

URL Link:

Are you still typing with two fingers? Do you still need to look at your keyboard before every keystroke?

Touch Typing Study is a free, user-friendly learning website that is designed to help you learn, practice, and improve your typing speed and accuracy. Once you can touch-type you will not need to look at the keyboard to find the letters you want to type and you will also be able to type at a much faster speed!.

12) Speed Typing Online

SpeedTypingOnline emerged from the frustration of being unable to find a free online typing test containing all of the necessary features believed to be basic requirements for any typing test. These features can be broken down into three main categories:

  • a natural and polished system for text entry
  • correct and extensive performance statistics
  • a fair amount of customization (ie. text to type, length of round)

The intent is that SpeedTypingOnline fulfills all three of these categories to the greatest degree possible. Additional features and extras will continue to be added in the near future so be sure to check back often!

Speed Typing Online

URL Link:

Feel free to contact us if you would like a certain feature to be added or if you have a question or problem with anything. We hope you enjoy using this typing site!.

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