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Best Way You Should Know for computer Optimization FREE Repair Tools!

 Best Way You Should Know for computer Optimization FREE Repair Tools!

What Is Optimization?

A basic introduction to the ideas behind optimization, and some examples of where it might be useful.

“What is optimization?” In simplest terms, optimization is choosing inputs that will result in the best possible outputs or making things the best that they can be.

This can mean a variety of things, from deciding on the most effective allocation of available resources, to producing a design with the best characteristics, to choosing control variables that will cause a system to behave as desired.

Optimization problems often involve the words maximize or minimize.  Optimization is also useful when there are limits (or constraints) on the resources involved, or boundaries restricting the possible solutions.  

Let’s take a look at a very simple example of an optimization problem:

Given a parabola, chose x to get the largest y. We can try different x values to see the resulting y value.  Eventually, we can find the maximum y value by choosing x here.  You may also have solved this type of problem in calculus class by taking the derivative of the parabola and setting it equal to zero.

Now for this simple problem, it is easy to see the correct solution.  For more complicated problems, it can be difficult to immediately see the correct solution, guessing and checking can take much too long, and it can be difficult to find the values where the derivative is equal to zero.  To find the answers to most optimization problems we need to use a special type of program called an optimization algorithm.  We’ll learn more about optimization algorithms in upcoming videos.

Optimization can be applied to a huge variety of situations and problems.

How to Fix 100% CPU Usage

Learn how to fix high CPU usage and boost fps and low GPU usage in windows 10. 100% CPU usage is a common issue in Windows 10. 

CPU at 100 or CPU running at 100 can be fixed. Also, Fix service host windows event log high CPU. 

If the system interrupts 100 CPU Fix by Changing the power settings to Balanced or High Performance. Play games without any lag with high performance by boosting FPS.

Speed up Windows 10 with One Command

will help you speed up windows 10 very very easily with one script that can be run on any windows 10 install whether you're running an older install or a new one.

I'm not going to go into much technical knowledge just know it is going to be removing telemetry Cortana all the bloat but it's going to leave everything else alone in past videos when I was stripping things out we were taking out some functionality of windows 10. 

in this one, we're leaving everything as it is we're just removing the things that have to be removed on pretty much every single uh, install.

so with that said let's get on the desktop and actually go into removing and deep loading.

it's because I made it to where you just run one thing in your shell and it will literally strip everything out for you very easily.

How to Increase Your PC Speed for FREE! (Best Settings)

This video shows you how to increase the PC speed performance on Windows 10. In the comments of prior videos, many users have complained that their computer is slower after upgrading to Windows 10 or after a major update.

Thankfully, there are simple tweaks you can make to speed up your PC. So, we’ll go step by step giving you our recommendations to optimize and improve the performance of your computer.

How to Fix Slow Performance Issue After Update in Windows 10 & 11 (5 Easy Steps)

Best Fix on windows 10 slow after an update or Windows 11 slow performance. If windows 10 slow boot after update or windows 10 slow after update

try windows 10 slow performance fix. Fix Windows 10 slow and freezing. Learn how to fix lag in Laptop Windows 10 After the update. Windows 10 slow after update 2021 fix. 

Commands Used:

  • rd /S /Q C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution
  • rd /S /Q C:\$WINDOWS.~BT

FREE programs that EVERY PC should have

We recently showed how to get your PC up and running when building a new PC. Next, we will show you the free software that we feel everyone should try! 

5 Ways to Make your PC Faster for FREE!

Today we talk about 5 simple and FREE ways to get more performance out of your PC! 

well, today you're in luck because we're going to show you some of my favorite ways that you can get more performance out of your computer and it won't cost you a single solitary dime.

okay, so these are gonna be the five things I do for any system if I'm trying to get more performance out of it look the graphics card shortage sucks yeah CPUs aren't as bad as they were at the end of last year you still get a new CPU and such but graphics card shortages are meaning.

most of you are probably hanging on to your systems longer than you ever planned or you built a new system you're just waiting for a GP to go in there but these are things that you can basically apply to any computer whether it be new or old to try and get as much performance out of it as possible.

Powerful Windows 10 Optimization Tool

Powerful Windows 10 Optimization Tool. Winslap is a powerful Windows 10 customization tool to help speed up Windows 10. It is a free tool that can help disable and remove a lot of unnecessary bloat from windows 10.

Winslap has some really useful tweaks in its toolbox.

Free PC Optimizer Utility for Windows 10

This software is a way to optimize windows 10 for better pc performance. It is free to use and also debloats windows 10 by removing telemetry and privacy settings.

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