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programming languages | You should learn in 2024

Topmost popular programming languages you should learn with Earn in 2024

So you want to learn programming languages you should learn with earn in 2024. There's no such thing as the perfect language to learn. 

but you're unsure what programming language to learn this is a position that every programmer has been in at some point.

List of Topmost popular programming languages:

How to choose? | Why you should learn programming languages with reasons why you should learn programming languages.

  1. Python
  2. JavaScript
  3. java
  4. C#
  5. C
  6. C++
  7. GO
  8. R
  9. Swift
  10. PHP

1) python | Why you should learn Python

  • Why Learn Python?
  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Python

Why Learn Python?

Here and it’s time for new beginnings! Why not start with learning one of the most in-demand and fastest-growing programming languages? That’s right, we’re talking about Python, and in this video, we will tell you why you should definitely put learning Python on your New Year’s resolution list.

If you have just started programming or are looking for a career change, you’ve probably heard about Python… or perhaps someone has recommended it to you as the best programming language to learn. We will give you several reasons why Python is becoming increasingly popular and you should consider giving it a try.

Python is simple and syntax-friendly, with extremely rich libraries and online documentation. 

It is free to use so everyone can contribute to the writing and maintenance of its code and libraries and be part of the Python enthusiasts' vibrant community. Moreover, Python has a variety of applications – it is just about everywhere nowadays! Watch the video to learn more. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Python

Are you thinking of learning to code but don't know what to start with? Or are you looking to change careers/transition into tech? Let me give you 5 reasons why Python would be a great programming language to learn!

Today I want to talk about programming languages surprise well actually, in particular, I want to discuss Python which is my personal favorite programming language of the day and of the weekend I guess of the year really I will tell you why I like it so much and give you five different reasons why I think you should start learning.

Five different reasons why I think you should start learning.
  • syntax.
  • versatility.
  • powerful tool.
  • community.
  • resources.

2) JavaScript? | Why You should learn JavaScript?

  • Why Learn JavaScript?
  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Learn JavaScript?

Why Learn JavaScript?

why learn JavaScript you know I got lots of questions on YouTube and Facebook is it okay to learn JavaScript I mean is it enough to learn JavaScript I always should just say that JavaScript only fell in applying site programming you cannot do much with that but now the world is changed right.

o when JavaScript was first launched in the year 1995 it was just a language that is used to make your page interactive.

For example:

here if you want to create a webpage you need HTML right using HTML you can create a web page but let's say you want to design it better you can use CSS to make a page interactive example if want to know if you want to alert your user using some pop-up window you can do that using JavaScript right.

so the only way to create that pop-up windows and those you know changing of images on the pic on the screen was possible using javascript we also used to buy date forms right so we used to create those pages for validations and everything was done with the help of JavaScript right. so there was not much importance for JavaScriptGeorgiaa days but nowadays everything is built on JavaScript.

5 reasons why you should learn JavaScript

In the last few years, javascript has made a name for itself as an incredibly popular programming language,e, especially for beginners you may be asking yourself why should I learn javascript and not other programming languages that's the question we're going to answer.

In this video, I'm going to show you the top 5 reasons why you should learn JavaScript to help you make a more informed decision about which programming language you should spend your time learning.

List of 5 reasons why you should learn JavaScript

  • javascript developers are in demand and well paid.
  • javascript is beginner-friendly.
  • javascript has a massive developer community.
  • wide range of usage.
  • lots of sources to learn on the internet there are a great many resources to learn javascript.

3) Java? | Why You should learn Java?

  • Why Learn Java?
  • Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Java?

Why Learn Java?

There's no such thing as the perfect language to learn but I think Java is a great choice even if it's your first programming language.

Java is used in lots of different places it's written once run anywhere philosophy allows it to be used in many ways and on a wide variety of different devices. companies such as Airbnb uber and eBay Java for at least part of their website and applications.

if you want to develop applications for Android-based smartphones and tablets Java works there too the job is a big player in the Internet of Things and connected device market we're behind the scenes.

Java is controlling things such as ATM industrial robots medical devices from prosthetic limbs to blood glucose monitors and with the rapid growth of connected home devices from light bulbs to garage door openers you'll find that Java-poweredlogoso there are even entire lines of home appliances that are connected to the Internet and leverage the Java programming language.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Java?

Top 10 Reasons to Learn Java in 2024” will give you enough reasons to learn Java and tell you why is it a go-to language for everyone. This video will also brief you on the latest updates, various job opportunities, and the market trends that Java has to offer to you.

I'm going to tell you the top ten reasons to learn Java well there are certain things in life that you hate or you may laugh at the goal but you certainly cannot ignore them.

Now one such thing is Java so today I'm going to tell you why more than half of the programming globe loves Java now let us start from the tenth point as to why you should learn this language.

4) C# | why You should learn C#?

  • Why Learn C#?
  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Learn C#

Why Learn C#?

So you may ask yourself a question should I learn C Sharp in 2024 the short answer is an absolute yes because the enterprise uses it if you want to know more and want to know why to stick around I'm going to give you a lot of reasons why c sharp is something you need to focus on.

language c-sharp which is the primary language most people use to write down in applications whether that's web desktop mobile or Windows The new release of c-sharp gives us a lot of features that are going to help developers move things forward.

The other thing that you want to think about is Microsoft itself and what they're trying to do they're trying to make you the most productive most in-demand developer that you can be by pushing out this tooling the languages the frameworks and even the hosting platform with azure to make sure that companies far and wide large and small as the thing that they're going to run their enterprise on and that means more jobs and more opportunities for you.

so dot net 6 and net coming out every 12 months you to jump in at any time and my suggestion is you need to jump in this year because there are a lot of things going on that are really going to move the needle in the enterprise which means more jobs.

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn C#

top 10 reasons to learn C# in 2024 and provides an overview as to why I have chosen these 10 reasons as my top 10 reasons to learn C# in 2024.

Thinking about programming in general as we hurtle deeper into a digital future it certainly makes sense to gain knowledge of at least one programming language but what programming language is the best one to learn and why you'll see quite a few of my reasons to learn c-sharp in 2024 stem from the 6.

  • simple, readable, and easy to use.
  • developer productivity.
  • a multi-paradigm programming language.
  • flexible general-purpose language.
  • a solid well-engineered .NET runtime.
  • cross-platform.Open-source and led by Microsoft.
  • active and vibrant community.
  • a well-documented language.
  • leverage an extensive collection of libraries.
  • run very fast.
  • can run in the browser. etc

5)  C | Why You should learn to C?

  • Why Learn C?
  • 5 reasons not to learn C

Why Learn C?

Why the C programming language is so powerful and has been the language of choice for nearly five decades.

  • How to be a Good Programmer
  • why C is Mother of all the Languages
  • Why C Programming Is Awesome

5 reasons not to learn C

Here are the 5 reasons that I don't like about C. Yes, C is a great programming language but I feel that it lacks in variety of points for the modern programming era. Memory management, pointers, and lack of multithreading are just a few to name them. 

so let's get started with the seat before we even get started with the five reasons I would like to say that I studied C as my first programming language and if you're do master or your dog trade you might already be familiar with the concept of designing your modern compilers and C is inevitable for that.

I do like the language but not in this era so let's get started with the five reasons you should not get started with the C.

List of reasons:

  1. The memory allocation.
  2. Multi-threading.
  3. Problem number three that I have with the sea is the pointers.
  4. The reason number for what I have a little bit of a problem with the C is premature optimization.
  5. The reason number 5 that I don't like the C is the unit testing.

6)  C++ | why You should learn C++?

  • Why Learn C++?
  • the top reason to learn C++

Why Learn C++?

Should you learn C++ is one of the fastest languages out there. Why shouldn't you learn it? Why should you learn it? Is it overkill? 

all the way from it's a must you have to learn it to the opposite end of the spectrum no don't waste your time with it but enough with the shenanigans and the opinions of others because by the end of this video, you you're going to be able to make your own definitive decision and answer the ultimate question should I learn c++ all right.

c++ is a fantastic programming language and it solves a lot of specific needs some of the highlights about C Plus is it was created to be incredibly fast with that said it's also dependent on how fast the processor runs one of the other highlights is c plus is a compiled language which allows it to be executed very efficiently all right and this is because first, a compiled language, as opposed to an interpreted language, has a very direct execution process.

it translates from one source to machine code whereas an interpreted language like javascript or Python is basically translated as the source is processed by the source interpreter, the second c++ offers abstraction mechanisms that allow sophisticated industrial-strength algorithms to be packaged in libraries that add very little overhead to straight code expansion and there are thousands of these libraries and they've been that have been published over the years.

so applications can quickly deploy these tuned algorithms to achieve desired effects with near-optimal machine efficiency.

7) Go | Why You Should Learn to Go?

  • Why Learn Go?
  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Go

Why Learn Go?

Go with Lang and whyGoo is the best programming language in the world.

We will see the power of go. we will see if you go for everyone is it good for the machine or is it good for humans but who said that go is better who are the creators of go and why to go created why do we need to learn to go what is the unique select point USP of Go if it is so great then what are the companies using GoLang then we will see what God have and what not and we will look upon the Go garbage collector and Go concurrency last but not least we will see the recommended books to learn GoLang.

so let's first start with the power of Go for any programming language to be powerful it has to be efficient and has to have straight code straight code means only one simple way of writing something so you don't have to brainstorm you don't have to think about a better way there is only one and that is the best way.

so if you have looked upon good things and while we learn Go.

GoLang has straight code and it is very efficient for concurrent programming it is more powerful than Closure Sharp and Erlang so that's the power of God is it good for everyone a language good for humans must have fast and fun while writing and if it is good for a computer it has to be fast and efficient in terms of execution.

GoLang which is yes good for humans is fast and fun to write GoLang and simultaneously it is fast and efficient for computers it is more powerful than Java so that is the power of GoLang but who is saying that GoLang is better than NodeJs obviously the creators of node.js they left NodeJs just because of GoLang here is TJ hallo future he has written a medium blog post on that he's saying that I'm leaving node.js because of Go so the title of his blog post on the medium is farewell node.js

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Go

5 reasons why Golang (go programming language) is the best programming language to learn in 2024 (including go lang drawbacks)

Relative newcomer, “Go”, also referred to as “Go Language” or “Golang” (go lang) because of its domain name, is one of the fastest-growing programming languages in the software industry. Its speed, simplicity, and reliability in complex architecture make it the perfect choice for all kinds of developers. 

Developed in 2007 by the tech giant, Google, Golang was first released to the public in 2012 as an alternative to C++ and Java for cross-platform app developers.  It’s experienced a massive surge in popularity with programmers around the world.  It’s a robust, easy-to-learn, and fast language trusted by tech heavyweights Dropbox, Docker, Facebook, Netflix, Uber, and Twitter. 

For many new coders, Golang programming is their first exposure to a statically typed programming language; encouraged by the fact that the language fundamentals of Go can be learned in a single evening.  Of course, that wouldn’t make you a pro just yet – you’ll need to understand the standard library, best coding practices, and specifically, niche areas, but the basics can be learned pretty quick. Pick up a Golang tutorial and learn ton GoLangg!

8)  R | Why You should learn to R?

  • Why Learn R?
  • List of Reasons to Learn R Programming

Why Learn R?

now R is essentially a programming language and you might find that fact a little bit intimidating or scary but don't you see when I do the little demonstration at the end of the video that it's not difficult to use that it's relatively intuitive and you can learn it and there's loads and loads of support out there if you need it.

R programming is typically used to analyze data and do statistical analysis. In this video, I talk about why R is a better option than other statistical packages and software options (including SPSS, STATA, SAS, etc................c.) I also give a short demonstration in which I calculate the mean, and median of two variables, plot a histogram, and calculate the correlation coefficient.

so why is it that we are becoming such a popular and useful tool in data analysis and statistical analysis?

The short answer is this is one of the rare occasions when something free and open-source is in fact better and that this is in my opinion better than the expensive commercially available alternatives that are out there if you don't believe me just look at the trends there are masses of people moving from SPSS to are from Stata to are from SS to R I don't see anybody moving the other direction.

List of Reasons to Learn R Programming

This video talks about 10 reasons to learn about R programming these are the following 

  1. R is an open-source software
  2. R is compatible across Windows, Mac, and Linus
  3. R is used across a wide range of industries 
  4. R has a huge community to support you
  5. R has comprehensive libraries with around 10,000 packages for different functionalities
  6. R makes it easy for users to make interactive web applications through packages like Shiny
  7. R is a language that is commonly used by top companies like Facebook and Google along with other languages 
  8. R is a language that is made by statisticians for statisticians 
  9. R has great libraries to ensure interactive Data Visualizations The Median Salary reported for R users is around $110,000 per annum

9) Swift | Why You Should Learn Swift?

  • Why Learn Swift?
  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Swift

Why Learn Swift?

There are lots of programming languages out there but I think you're really going to enjoy learningSwiftt.

This is partly for practical reasons you can make a lot of money building iOS apps but there are some good technical reasons too you see swift is a relatively young language having started in only 2014.

This means it kind of bypasses a lot of the old language craft that older languages have built up over time, in fact, there's normally only one way to solve each kind of problem but at the same time being such a young language means swift leverages lots of new techniques and technologies that new languages have.

For example, it makes it very very hard to write unsafe code you want to choose to do it actively it makes it easy to write code that's clear and understandable and best of all it supports all the world's languages out of the box none of those broken characters you'll see in other languages now swift itself is just the language and isn't designed to draw anything on the screen and that's where swift UI comes in from 2019 again very very new as apple's framework for drawing text buttons images interactivity and much more as the name suggests swift DUI was designed for swift.

it goes hand in hand with the language it's really optimized for it so you can build remarkably powerful applications is hardly any program.

Reasons Why You Should Learn Swift

  • Easy to Read and Learn
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Swift is Safe
  • Optimized Memory Usage
  • Swift is fast.  etc

10)  PHP | Why You should learn PHP?

  • Why Learn PHP?
  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Learn PHP

Why Learn PHP?

PHP is still indeed one of the most popular and in some use cases the only option that makes sense when choosing a programming language for a particular project.

Here are the reasons why you should and should not learn PHP.

So if you want to or are thinking about picking up PHP as your next programming language this video is for you though I have quite a bit of concern for you let me explain first a bit of history about PHP PHP was created in 1994. it's been a couple decades now since the author originally designed and used it. For tracking visits to his online resume, he named the streets of Scripps personal homepage tools known as PHP tools, and after a few iterations and updates.

It started to develop a code of several thousand users around the world in 1997. and by 1998 the following year one percent of all websites in the entire world were on PHP.

Reasons Why You Should Learn PHP

PHP is one of the best programming languages for web development. In this video, I will give you several solid reasons why you should learn PHP

There is a bad tendency around PHP these times and I decided to make a video to show all the great features PHP has and all the reasons why you might need to learn PHP in 2024 or 2024.

so a lot of developers' opinions are according to a lot of developers' opinions.

PHP is a language you should not learn nowadays and you should more focus on other languages like node js or python I want to say that every programming language has its own advantages and PHP does have its own big advantages in my opinion, PHP is one of the best programming languages for web development.

so it can be used for many different purposes building small websites complex websites some CRM and complex e-commerce systems as well as building rest APIs PHP can even be used for video image processing and manipulation and PHP works fine with almost all databases no matter what it is a relational or non-relational PHP is very easy to learn and very easy to set up in fact PHP.

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