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What is Blogging and Why do you start blogging?

What is Blogging and Why do you start blogging?

What is a Blog?

Understanding Blogging on platforms like Blogspot and WordPress has become very popular over the past 10 years. This video is an introduction to blogging in plain English and was designed to give viewers a brief overview of what blogging is and how to participate.

what is a blog originally created from the words web and log a blog is just that a blog is the logging of one's thoughts ideas experiences and more.

all in one place on the web you've probably seen them around but what makes them so great while blogs are easy to use and with a few clicks, you can share thoughts opinions news anything your blog is a staple of who you are the ultimate expression of you on the web.

What Is a Blog and How Does It Work

What Is a Blog and How Does It Work To Make Money Online. Do you want to start a blog? How do you earn money from a blog? In this video, I will teach you all the things you need to know about blogging for money!

Hey! Đ’odo doesn't believe what others are saying blogging is not dead! actually, there is no better time to start blogging than today because we're living in a digital-paced world where you go to check reviews before you buy anything.

if it's sold in an offline store you first go to Google and search for reviews don't you where do you find the best whole organization tips and who gives you all the recipes for your Sunday family dinners I bet it's not your grandma I bet it's some blogger who never met you and who has a fantastic collection of healthy recipes everyone is learning and purchasing things online nowadays that's why it's such a great time to start a blog.

How To Start A Blog And Make Money (I Make Over $30,000mo Blogging!)
How To Start A Blog And Make Money in (How I Make Over $30,000/mo Blogging). Check out how to make money with a blog for beginners and then for advanced bloggers. Learn how to get traffic to your site for free (from platforms like Pinterest, Google, and YouTube). 

5 Blog Niches You Should AVOID When Starting Your Blogging

Talk about five niches that you should avoid when starting your new blogging business.

Especially when you're first starting your blogging journey it can be really confusing about what makes a good niche or a bad niche.

so I hope that this video kind of clarifies some of the ones that you should be sure to avoid as you're starting your blogging journey without further ado let's get right into them.

List of Niches TO Avoid:

  • Any niche that's too broad.
  • Any niche that is dedicated to one singular brand.
  • Any niche that isn't ad-friendly.
  • Any niche that focuses on really expensive products. Also, any niche that focuses on really low-priced products.
  • Any niche in the health category.
  • How Much Do Blogs Earn
  • Ever wonder what other blogs are earning? So did we. Jim breaks down survey results and details what blogs with 10, 100, and 500 blog posts are earning.

how many page views does your site get and then how much money are you earning now before we did that survey we put down what our particular goals are after building dozens of different blogs and websites to see uh what we would expect in terms of traffic and earnings at 10 blog posts 100 blog posts and 500 blog posts so you can know what kind of return to expect.

But honestly, that's rare most people will see basically no result at this level because you're just too small enough to have any kind of authority with Google and you have very few lines in the water trying to win rankings.

so don't expect anything and I must add that all of the numbers on this video are very important disclaimers all numbers are expecting that all of the posts have been given at least eight months to really reach their close to full ranking on Google.

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