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10 Best Jobs For College Students (A Complete Guide)

 10 Best Jobs For College Students (A Complete Guide)

I'm going to show you a website where you can get an online job. so let's get straight into it today I'm showing you the 10 Best Jobs For College Students (A Complete Guide).

List of 10 best jobs for college students:

  1. Tutoring 
  2. Research assistant
  3. Brand ambassador
  4. Data entry operator
  5. Freelancer
  6. Blogger
  7. Virtual assistant
  8. Teaching assistant
  9. Receptionist
  10. Game tester

1. Tutoring Jobs (Math + All Subjects)

National average salary: ₹18,682 per month

you can make up to 7 500 per month with online tutoring jobs for math science writing whatever you know how to do so if you want to start making some extra money if you want to work from home.

I'm going to show you a website where you can get an online tutoring job. so let's get straight into it today I'm showing you this website that's gonna pay you to become an online tutor.

let me go ahead and break it down show you exactly how it's going to work show you how you're going to make money then I'm going to show you how you can sign up and start getting paid to be an online tutor but I want you to stick around because after I show you this I'm going to show you a second way you can start making an extra three thousand dollars online.

so by the end of this video, you're gonna have two legit ways to start making some extra money from home or in your spare time.

2. Research assistant

National average salary: ₹23,667 per month

A design research assistant or mainly research assistant so this is mainly for people who are interested in this job or have no idea.

so what I do is as the title suggests I assist naturally in any way possible I work with my lecturer in a university and my previous video explains how I got the job in the first place.

it's basically just two of us working on this project now for the brief our client hired us to redesign the current design.

so basically they have a set of information and it will look something like this you can see that information is put into a table with colors and apparently, we didn't understand this data we were then employed to work with them on figuring out a better way to design this my role was to actually help my lecturer to come up with better ideas and also to submit a finalized conclusion on what we think was the best idea.

3. Brand ambassador

National average salary: ₹19,890 per month

In this video, I will be going over how to be a successful brand ambassador. Being a brand ambassador is an amazing way to make a passive income. If you are interested in learning what I did to become a successful brand ambassador stay tuned!

what I needed to do to make more money to grow these to get these checks to grow every time they came in and so now every few months I have a check come in and it's a very nice passive income like a very nice passive income.

so let's go over the things that I have learned in this whole brand ambassador journey first of all you can be a brand ambassador for a number of different things it could be like women's clothing.

It could be Red Bulls X boxes wagons like me you can be a brand affiliate for Macy's Target Amazon. so there's a number of different ways you can make this type of money with different companies and you don't really have to do that much.

5 Tips for Brand Ambassadors

What are brand ambassadors and how can I become one?

In this video, we will review our 5 top tips for perfecting your Instagram profile and application so you can successfully be considered as a brand ambassador

Whether you are an influencer, a fitness enthusiast, and/or simply someone who loves PERFORMA products, you now have an opportunity to qualify to join our PerformaHero Program.

4. Data entry operator

National average salary: ₹17,679 per month

Work from home has always been an attractive opportunity for many of us, especially for housewives. 

Due to increasing traffic situations in big metropolitans, employers also prefer their staff to work from home and with the pandemic situation nowadays it is the only option left. This video will give you an overview that how you can work from home effectively and earn income.

The video is all about Work at Home as Online Data Entry Operator information but also try to cover the following subject:

  • online data entry work from home 
  • how to do data entry work 
  • data entry work

So you would like to know more about Work at Home as Online Data Entry Operator, I did too, and here is the outcome.

Working at Home as an Online Data Entry Operator interested me so I did some research and created this YouTube video.

5. Freelancer

National average salary: ₹20,941 per month

Here's what you need to know before starting freelancing. I've seen a lot of how-to freelance videos on YT where they only show the bright side of it and not the whole picture. Here are 3 hard truths to keep in mind before starting freelancing. These include:

1. You are your own boss

It's one of the best parts about freelancing, but it also becomes a problem, as you'll have to constantly reach out to people, get more clients, upskill yourself. Since it completely depends on you, you can't just take a day off and relax(it's harder for me at least) when you see that there's one more client that you can pitch to.

2. There's no security

Your client is not liable to get insurance for you unlike in a job where you get health insurance and other benefits. You will yourself have to get these securities. Also, since no client will work with you forever, you have to reach out to new people. Some months, you won't get a single project while others you might get tons of projects.

3. Understanding your self worth

If you don't know how to properly price your time, clients will easily take advantage of you. This has happened with me as well. Learning to say no when the client pays you less is also something you need to develop.

6. Blogger

National average salary: ₹21,905 per month

What Is a Blog and How Does It Work To Make Money in 2022. Do you want to start a blog? How do you earn money from a blog? In this video, I will teach you all the things you need to know about blogging for money!

7. Virtual assistant

National average salary: ₹21,905 per month

about the must-have Virtual Assistant skills for beginners in 2021. Even new VA's can offer these skills and services in 2021. What virtual assistant services do you plan on offering this year?

When I started as a VA in 2012, I started as a General Virtual Assistant, meaning I offered "general" services to my clients. My most in-demand services included calendar management and travel management. 

Eventually, I parlayed general travel booking into high-end luxury travel for C-Suite clients, and it's since become one of my most lucrative (and pricey) specialty services. Do you have a specialty service as a VA? 

8. Teaching assistant

National average salary: ₹18,125 per month

I'm gonna go over some tricky questions that are generally asked and interviews for teaching assistants and tips for answering the questions these sample answers worked pretty well for many of my clients you can make modifications as per your situation well the most general warming up the question in almost all interviews being asked by the interview board for teacher assistant is tell us about yourself.

so um this question seems very simple to some people but it's a tricky one so answering this question is a wonderful opportunity for you to make the interview panel know about your working skills and talents as a teacher assistant.

so you should always remember um not wasted by telling your personal staff they are interested not in your home or your personal staff rather they are looking for the qualities skills capabilities as a teacher assistant that makes you fit in the job description they want to see you positive supportive passionate for teaching.

9. Receptionist

National average salary: ₹12,960 per month

Would you like to be a receptionist? In this lesson, you will learn some helpful phrases for being a receptionist or any other customer service job! 

10. Game tester

National average salary: ₹19,837 per month

Game Tester Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: Explain in detail about game testing, what needs to be mainly verified by a game tester for any kind of computer or mobile games? Question2: Some common gossip in the current IT industry is that the game testing job is really a very fun job as one tester can able to play the game without investing. 

Is it really true? Question3: Explain about exact key role and responsibility of a specific game tester in the entire IT market for avoiding any kind of misconception gossip about their job? Question4: Explain each and every process followed by the game tester in case of testing any game designed for computer or mobile? Question5: Explain about varieties kind of testing available in the current industry specifically in game development?"

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