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6 NEW platforms with companies HIRING NOW work from home jobs Worldwide!

6 NEW platforms with companies HIRING NOW work from home jobs Worldwide!

work from home jobs // Because I usually get asked about where to apply to get more work from home jobs or remote jobs that you can do no matter where you live, today I want to share with you 6 new (to me) platforms with companies always hiring work from home jobs. 

List of 6 NEW platforms:

These online jobs are very good opportunities to start making money online from anywhere or from the comfort of your home.

1) Hub Stuff Talent

So the first platform that we are talking about today is called Hub Stuff Talent. And they take a lot of pride in the fact that they are a completely 100% free platform, both for freelancers, the people who are offering their skills, their talents, their expertise, as well as for the customers, the clients, the companies that are looking to hire freelancers to work with them remotely.

Companies hiring jobs work from home worldwide!


You can check exactly what are those 150 countries to make sure that 100% cover your country. The way it works is that you go ahead and create a free profile similar to LinkedIn.

If you're familiar with that and you include either an upload of your resume, you add your skills, your expertise, your knowledge, and then companies will contact you directly. Now, let's take a look at their website, and I'll show you everything you need to know.

2) Cloud Peeps

Up next on our list is a platform called Cloud Peeps. This one is catering towards independent professionals, which means freelancers. So if you are looking for independent contracts, you want to offer your services as a freelancer or you are already a freelancer, then cloud peeps might be a great platform for you to check out.

So let me share the screen and look exactly at everything you need to know about cloud peace. So when you come to their website, they say that they are the search and hired platform for talented, independent professionals.

Companies hiring jobs work from home worldwide!


Now they do say on their main page that they're trusted by over 20,000 customers in over 150 countries. But this does not necessarily apply to freelancers. We will talk about the countries that they cover in terms of freelancers at the moment. So let's talk now about how it works in terms of working with CloudBees.

They cover lots of different types of services, from social media to public relations to copywriting and design strategy, paid ads, as well as admin services or virtual assistants.

Now if you would like to become a cloud peep, which is how they call their freelancers, what you need to do is go ahead, scroll all the way to the bottom and you have here a link that says become a peep. And all you need to do is fill in your name, your email address, password, your contact number, and answer a couple of quick questions and then you're good to go.

 3) Rise

Three that I would like to share with you today is called Rise and Rise is a new career platform that offers you the possibility to unapologetically be yourself.

They want to be different from every other platform out there because they want you to be you exactly how you are and who you are, and show all the hats that you wear. So let's take a look at their website and see exactly what you need to know about Rise.

All right, so you see already from their main page, it says they are the social network for your work and life.

Companies hiring jobs work from home worldwide!

If you want to know more about them, then you can scroll down and see all the companies that they work with, and you can see exactly how it works to become a partner of rice if you want to be able to work through them.

 4) solid gigs.

Let's move to solid gigs. This is platform number four that I want to talk about today, and solid gigs positioned themselves not as a jobs platform, but instead as a way for freelancers to get leads on autopilot. So let's take a look at their website. I want to show you everything you need to know.

So when you come to their main page, as I said, they'll say they help you get freelance leads on autopilot and that they are an expert gig hunter service that matches you with the top 1% of freelance jobs from dozens of premium sources. And the only thing you need to know is to put it in your email in order to start getting leads.
Companies hiring jobs work from home worldwide!

They explain to you everything that people do the old way in terms of finding.

Lance leads and how do solid gigs do that in a new and innovative way? Essentially, the way it works is that you will tell them the kind of freelance gigs you're looking for, and then they will search loads of sources to find your ideal clients, and they will put you in touch with them so that you can send your personalized proposal directly to the customer.

And then you will be starting getting business and getting jobs directly from those customers that solid gigs will put you in touch with. It should be pretty straightforward, pretty easy.

 5) The Muse

Up next is a platform called The Muse, and they also mention it directly on their main page. Their intention is to match people and companies that have the same unique needs and values. And what's really unique about the muse is that they not only offer you a platform filled with jobs, but also the opportunity to access career advice and career coaching directly from their experts.

So let's take a look at their website and see what they're about. So when you come to the musical, you will see here that they talk about helping you make your move and that they help you search for jobs at companies whose people perks and values align with your unique professional needs.

Now, as I said, you can go here and look for advice or coaching if that's something that you feel you need and that it's something that you believe might help you move forward in your career and make that move. Or you can go ahead and click on jobs. And when you get to their jobs bank, you can opt here for the category that you would like to look for.

Companies hiring jobs work from home worldwide!


Now here we have opted for jobs posted any time we can say we want jobs that were posted in the last 14 days. And in that case, for the selection that we have, there are 30 jobs that match our criteria. So you can work from anywhere in the world and they allow you to work remotely with no experience or with very, very little experience.

6) Contena :

Up next on the list is a platform called Container, and they have again a very unique value proposition, as well as a very unique website. I. Have to say. So essentially, Container is catering towards freelancers who are looking to offer writing services. So if you have a talent regarding writing or copywriting, then definitely take a look at content.

This is again a very unique value proposition that they offer, because essentially, no matter if you have experience or you don't as a writer and no matter where you're based because they do say on their website that they work with freelancers based everywhere in the world, they will help you go through training.

If you do wish to then be able to start a freelancing career as a writer, then they will be able to help you get jobs as a writer.

Companies hiring jobs work from home worldwide!


Once you go through the training, if you decide to go through the training, it is a paid membership, so you will have to go and check out their payment plan and see if that fits with your budget.

I want to take a look at the website and show you everything you need to know.

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