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The 7 Best Software Resources No-Coding that help and Improve your website or web design.

The 7 Best Software Resources No-Coding that help and Improve your website or web design.

1) Epicpxls

EpicPxls is a carefully curated, online portfolio of design resources that helps you ship projects faster. We all want beautiful web designs and fonts. But trying to create professional designs without any expertise is like waiting in line for a trendy club—stressful and the end result is disappointing.

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Luckily, there’s a tool with beautifully designed, customizable website templates, UI kits, and fonts. Meet EpicPxls.

2) Sketch

The sketch is a digital design app for Mac. It can be used for web, UI, mobile, and even icon design. Let’s learn more about it and discuss what type of professionals may want to use it.

In the complete course, Up and Running With Sketch, you’ll learn everything you need to get started with Sketch; embarking on your next design project will be a breeze!


3) Figma | Free and Paid

Learn all The basics of Figma including: What is Figma? What does Figma do best?And, who should be using Figma? Wacht this short video for all the answers.


4) Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a vector-based UI and UX design tool that you can use to design anything from smartwatch apps to fully-fledged websites. Let’s look at what it offers web designers and why it's so popular.

Adobe XD was first introduced as “Project Comet” back in 2015 at the annual Adobe MAX conference. Back then, it offered a breath of fresh air for anyone still using Photoshop or Illustrator for their UI design. After all, the web presents very different design challenges to print. XD was developed from the ground up, specifically with UI and UX design in mind, so it has loads of features that never existed in other graphics applications.


What is Adobe XD used for? What’s important to remember is that Adobe XD addresses the two main problems Photoshop and other graphics applications couldn’t:

  • Interaction design isn’t static. A designer cannot communicate a fluid and dynamic design using pixels alone.
  • A modern design process involves more than a polished finished article. Wireframing, iteration, and behavior are all part of the collaborative decision-making with UI and UX design.

Adobe XD is ideal for vector-based UI design, wireframing, interactive design, prototyping, and high-fidelity web/app design, for solo designers or whole teams.

5) Webflow

over the last 10 years, responsive web design has changed how we create for the web, and the things we design have exploded in complexity.

most of today's websites and apps are now connected with dynamic content that lives in a database yet the tools we use to design have been stuck in the past which has forced us to hire a developer or write complex code just to bring our ideas to life.


web flow is the world's first design platform that integrates live data into an intuitive visual interface completely removing the need to write code. it's called data-driven design and all you have to do is tell webflow the structure of the content you care about whether it's blog posts real estate listings products you sell or anything else you can think of then you create custom designs to fit your dynamic data with pixel-perfect variations for every resolution.

so when you your team or your client changes the underlying data every part of every design linked to that data changes automatically across every device.

6) Vev

We made Vev for the next generation of creatives. Viv was founded in 2017 by three passionate co-creators and built by a talented group of technologists, developers, creatives, engineers, and dreamers who simply want to make the web a more beautiful place. Today Vev is used by world-class creatives every single day all over the globe.


7) RapidWeaver

RapidWeaver and the Stacks add-on are the best and more enjoyable ways to build a website and design email. Rapidweaver is my go-to web design application even though I can hand-code my own website and the reason for that is because RapidWeaver is the perfect marriage between WYSIWYG and developer right.

most of the time I just prefer dragging and dropping and laying my website out however whenever I need to I can get down and dirty in some PHP or JavaScript or CSS or HTML all that I want rapid over to me is the best web design platform out there now it does require that you have a Mac so PC users.


I'm sorry now once you have wrapper over you'll quickly know that while it's an amazing platform okay the number one add-on the first thing that you're going to want to get is the Stax plug-in from your head Stax gives us an amazing drag-and-drop interface it kind of is like building a website with Lego it is absolutely amazing now.

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