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Understanding mobile apps and How to Identify Malicious Apps on Android?

Understanding mobile apps and How to Identify Malicious Apps on Android?

Malicious apps are a kind of malware, which might be viruses, spyware, ransomware, and other undesirable software programs, that receive secretly established on your device, consistent with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Understanding mobile apps

People interact with businesses through both mobile websites and mobile apps. Mobile-friendly websites are now necessary, and many companies can also benefit from a mobile app. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • - the difference between mobile websites and mobile apps
  • - the benefits unique to mobile apps
  • - how to determine whether an app is right for you.

Evolution of Mobile Apps 

In the beginning, apps were just simple little things no network was needed just fun or basic utility apps.

Then we started getting social media apps to stay connected with our friends all the time Facebook Twitter Snapchat are all complex apps with communication abilities databases networks and even geolocation base while.

These apps were fun they weren't entirely useful for business then Along Came shopping apps like Amazon and eBay these apps allow you to order stuff when you're thinking about it instead of waiting until you're in front of a computer is very convenient then Along Came service provider apps like Angie's List they let you connect with a service provider like a roofer or door repair or handyman but these services weren't real-time they could often take days to make an appointment.

Then along came Uber and it just blew up everything in its path it has GPS real-time communications high availability always available redundant databases geographically dispersed.

How to Identify Malicious Apps on Android?

How to identify malicious apps on android? Are you suspicious that your android device has malware? In this video, you will see how to detect and remove malware on Android.

  • Scan using Play Protect
  • Check Apps using too much Battery
  • Check Apps using Heavy Internet Bandwidth
  • Check the Device Administrator's Permission
  •  How to Stay Away from Malicious Apps on Android?

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