A Worm Attack is a malware program that attacks the host computers

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A wormAttack is a malware program that attacks the host computers.

So big disclaimer this post -is in no way intended to promote cybercrimes all the tools that are shown in this video is open-source and not created for the sake of learning and understanding different aspects of cyber security.

using any of these tools to attack an individual or organization without their consent is illegal and you will face some serious legal actions for the same because that would be considered a cybercrime so be responsible if you want to test any of these tools test them on yourself and not on others. I am not responsible for any of your actions so let's get started.

what is a computer worm when someone mentions worms you will probably think of the wriggly creatures that children play with and adults use as bait when fishing like them or not worms are completely harmless unless you're thinking of computer worms they may not be as destructive as computer viruses but computer worms can be just as dangerous?

What is a computer worm?

a computer worm is a malicious piece of software that replicates itself from one computer to another with the goal of overtaking the entire network of computers most worms are designed to infiltrate systems by exploiting their security failures while very few also try to change the system settings even if they don't they are still very dangerous as they take up a lot of bandwidth and other valuable resources.

What is a Computer Worm and How Does it Work?

Just like you wouldn’t want a worm in your apple, you don’t want one in your computer. Computer worms can wreak havoc on your computer network, and work to spread the destruction to others. How? In computer networking, a worm is a man-made, malicious software program whose primary function is to infect other computers while remaining active on infected systems. Watch to find out how exactly computer worms work.

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Stuxnet Worm: One of the World's First Cyber Attacks

A new type of weapon, a digital worm, was used in the first cyber attack known to have caused physical damage in the real world. While they have not admitted to it, the United States and Israel allegedly created Stuxnet in order to slow Iran's effort to build nuclear weapons. The worm targeted the computers that ran the machines used to turn uranium into nuclear fuel. The Stuxnet worm spun many of the centrifuges out of control, blowing them up, all without the Iranians figuring out what was causing the explosions. Eventually, though, Stuxnet got loose and spread across the world, infecting computers in more than 100 countries.

worm was quickly noticed and the operation was publicly exposed. Cyber experts were alarmed by Stuxnet and feared its potential for destruction. While this worm only attacks specific equipment related to Iran's centrifuges, experts fear that the same digital technology could be used to manipulate the computers that run a huge swath of industrial activity and infrastructure projects like factories, dams, and electrical grids.

Disrupting or destroying any of them could cause enormous physical damage and could potentially kill large numbers of people. This has led some to suggest that cyber weapons have the potential to be weapons of mass destruction. And just as international treaties were created to control nuclear weapons.

Many countries and individuals are calling for treaties to control the use of cyber weapons. But that is unlikely to happen anytime soon because cyber weapons pose unique challenges.

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