SQL injection vulnerability is a code ( technique that might destroy your database. 1=1 )

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SQL injection is a code technique that might destroy your database.

in this post, we will learn about sequel injection one of the most common and dangerous methods hackers can use to attack your website.

this is the vulnerable application we'll be trying to hack with a sequel injection attack here are the application logs watch what happens here when we interact with the vulnerable application.

So big disclaimer this post -is in no way intended to promote cybercrimes all the tools that are shown in this video is open-source and not created for the sake of learning and understanding different aspects of cyber security.

using any of these tools to attack an individual or organization without their consent is illegal and you will face some serious legal actions for the same because that would be considered a cybercrime so be responsible if you want to test any of these tools test them on yourself and not on others. I am not responsible for any of your actions so let's get started.

SQL Injection Attacks - Explained in 5 Minutes

in this lesson we'll talk about how to execute and mitigate web application attacks such as SQL injection command injection and cross-site scripting.

structured queried language or SQL is used to query operate and administer database systems such as Microsoft SQL server oracle.

so on one of the most common SQL attacks:

  • is the SQL injection attack a successful SQL injection exploit can read sensitive data from the backend database it can also modify or delete data or execute administration operations.
  • sometimes it can even issue commands to the operating systems.

4 Types of SQL Injection

The best way to protect yourself from SQL injection attacks is to understand how they work.  In this video, we look at 4 different types of SQL injection and how to make your queries injection-safe.

SQL Injection for database value change

A SQL injection assault is one of the maximum normally used hacking strategies. It lets in hacks to get admission to facts from a database that is otherwise now not publically available. Owing to its simplicity, SQL injection is one of the most popular databases hacking strategies.

What is SQL injection How does it influences your records? SQL injection also referred to as SQLI, is a not unusual assault vector that uses malicious SQL code for backend database manipulation to get admission to information that become not intended to be displayed. This data can also consist of any variety of gadgets, consisting of sensitive business enterprise statistics, consumer lists, or private patron details. advanced SQL injection

How to Prevent an SQL Injection. The best certain way to save you SQL Injection assaults is input validation and parameterized queries including organized statements. The software code must in no way use the input without delay. The developer ought to sanitize all enter, no longer best web shape inputs together with login bureaucracy.

What are 3 exceptional strategies to prevent SQL assaults? Fortunately, there are ways to protect your website from SQL injection assaults.

  • What is SQL injection?
  • SQL injection prevention techniques.
  • Input validation.
  • Parametrized queries.
  • Stored methods.
  • Escaping.
  • Avoiding administrative privileges.
  • Web utility firewall.

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