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Countermeasures of the network

 Countermeasures of the network

A countermeasure is a system or technology that can prevent or mitigate the effects of a threat. Countermeasures such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems are implemented on devices that may be used in a variety of ways. For example, a firewall countermeasure can help prevent the exploitation of a vulnerability by an attacker. A firewall is an application-level security measure that separates clients from servers or network resources.

For example, malware can be detected and prevented from running. Malicious software may also contain backdoors or other methods of bypassing security measures. Hardware countermeasures are a means of prevention; for example, if an attacker succeeds in executing code on your computer by exploiting a vulnerability in a piece of software on your device, you want to ensure that this does not happen again. Modes of conduct can take the form of behaviors such as changing passwords periodically and using only two-factor authentication

Countermeasures can take the shape of software, hardware, and modes of conduct. Software countermeasures encompass:

  • personal firewalls
  • software firewalls
  • anti-virus software program
  • pop-up blockers
  • spyware detection/removal applications.

The most common hardware countermeasure is a router that can prevent the IP address of a person's laptop from being immediately seen on the Internet. Other hardware countermeasures include:

  • biometric authentication systems
  • the physical limit of access to computers and peripherals
  • intrusion detectors
  • alarms.

Behavioral countermeasures include:

  • common deletion of saved cookies and temporary documents from Web browsers
  • everyday scanning for viruses and other malware
  • regular set up of updates and patches for operating structures
  • refusing to click on links that appear within electronic mail messages
  • refraining from commencing electronic mail messages and attachments from unknown senders
  • staying far away from questionable Web websites
  • frequently backing up records on outside media.

In military packages, a countermeasure is a system or approach meant to save an enemy from compromising a target. This can be completed by means of defensive, concealing, or transferring the target, growing decoys, or otherwise puzzling the enemy.

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