How to Check if a Website OR URL is Safe or Not?

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How to Check if a Website OR URL is Safe or Not?

the internet is very popular around the world for bad reasons as well and the most popular ones among them are stealing today's greatest treasure which is personal information in this video I will show you.

Technology has made it possible for people to lie, steal, and cheat all across the world … all from behind a computer screen and keyboard. You can get robbed blind and never even see your attacker because they are lurking in the recesses of the dark web.

How do you know that the online store where you want to buy your summer gear is legitimate and not some hoax store created to scam online buyers into willingly entering their credit card or banking information and then never seeing the products they have “bought”?

How can you tell if a URL is safe?

With phishing and malware more prevalent than ever, how do you know which links are safe? Luckily, Web Risk contains a fully managed database of URL threats so you can check if a URL is safe from threats. Watch to learn how you can use Web Risk to protect yourself and your users!

ways that can help you verify website OR URL authenticity.

this video also includes verification measures used by the most reputable cybersecurity tools designed for fraud websites> to ensure a 100% safe browsing experience.

because just the simple tricks cannot ensure a 100% safe browsing experience whether you are doing your regular online shopping looking for software or gathering information.

 there are a few ways to check whether you're dealing with a fake website.

check the connection type of the website HTTP or HTTPS

 so the first way is to> check the connection type of the website and you don't have to be a pro to understand the websites connection type> all you have to do is to click on the URL and check whether it has HTTP or HTTPS tag the HTTPS tag is more secure compared to HTTP HTTP is an abbreviation for hypertext Transfer Protocol which enables your web browser and server to communicate by exchanging data HTTP enables the connection on demand and doesn't spend time securing the way information is exchanged this makes the basic protocol vulnerable to interception and alteration it means that the server can communicate between your data on the other hand HTTPS uses Secure Sockets Layer that creates an encrypted connection between the server and the browser.

check the site security to check the site security status

the second way you should check the site security to check the site security status you just have to click on this padlock screen icon on this address bar this will enable us the display information about the sites connection security> and it will also show us the validity of its SSL certificate which is> nothing but secure socket layer> here you can see that the web site is secure and in this website is showing that it is not secure but unfortunately two steps do not guarantee 100% security for your website> right so to find out the 100% legit website we have to get into other five ways.

check the URL while you are still inspecting the address bar

The third way is you have to check the URL while you are still inspecting the address bar doesn't just look at the padlock and the HTTPS sign for example over here this website looks like a reputable online shopping> website which is Amazon right so it even has an HTTPS connection until you take a closer look into this domain and it and you realize that it has an extra n at the end right also, for example, the following domain extensions have been identified as a common extension for spam websites on the other hand here are some of the more reliable domain extensions based on their rankings by Google if you expand the URL in the address bar> you will notice that the subdomain in this URL> is City dot M Y while the actual domain name and the subdomain are TR IP he produced dot-com and we are respectively yes> that is full-on phishing website so now.

check the website content

fourth ways to check the website content for a shopping site or for a reputable business like Amazon they clearly state the refund policy shipping info privacy policy and also high-quality product photos and clear product description and also our trust seals are often used by software companies as a way to market their product and some of the most popular trusted logos look like this we attention to the email address domain, for example, Tony dot stock at Amazon with double n dot n is not someone who will provide you with an answer or a refund no matter how rich he is.

check the website social proof of bad news

the fifth way is to check the website's social proof bad news travels fast in the digital world so checking the user's feedback can also help you verify website authenticity in that case you can google the organization with added keywords such as reviews and scams etc it could help you run into social media feedback or blog post and come about the site finally it is no secret that reviews can be bought even on reputable and real Amazon up to 70% of those reviews are fake so imagine how it can be elsewhere now which brings us to the more advanced way and our.

Google Safe Browsing transparency use chrome

sixth way which is Google Safe Browsing transparency report online scams and cyber attacks are not in Google's best interest which is why their algorithms for spotting fraudulent websites are getting better every day in fact they are examining hundreds of thousands of URL as you are watching this video accumulating billions of addresses in its UI database Google Safe Browsing transparency report animals you to check the websites credentials by simply pasting the URL into the search bar google compiles the airport by scanning sections of their web index to identify potentially compromised websites they test them by using a virtual machine to see if the machine gets infected Here I am just searching for Jordan one which is a shoe from Nike and I'm just trying to check it in the genuine site and I can see the stock extinct over here if I copy this link and paste it in Google transparency report I will seethat it is safe and there is no unsafe content on this website similarly I will just try to put other links into the Google transparency report and see if they are working fine if you want you can skip this part now I will just try to UI check other websites and I will just check if >they are safe and unsafe other shopping websites you and here is our.

used threat intelligence API Antivirus

the seventh way is to use threat intelligence API which will give us a 100% guarantee of a secured website go to threat intelligence API and paste the target domain or ipv4 address to run a full report on website safety I ran a report on Yahoo so I will show you all the reports which this API gave me on Yahoo you here is all the website analysis and the green part is okay and the red part it is not okay so overall it has green parts here you can see SSL information regarding the certificate of SSL you should do and he should buy information of the certificate it also has SSL vulnerabilities in explained also the malware protection regarding phishing and other records which can be used to demonstrate all the server information and the domain information here you can also individually search for analysis of domains SSL certificate SSL configuration domain malware connected domain and home interpretation API you.

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